Bowling: Exercise or fun?

Yesterday my family and I went bowling. My wife and I have not bowled in years and my six year old daughter has only bowled a couple of times. My son who is three has never bowled…and it showed.

Anyway, after we finished our bowling my wife asked if I thought bowling was good exercise, I have to admit that I think that bowling is barely exercise and a quick look at the pro bowlers tour will probably bear this out pretty quickly.

What bowling is though is a lot of fun. In northern climates when you can get trapped in the house because of the weather it is really nice to get out and do something, in this case it was at the mall. Bowling is a little bit expensive as an outing surprisingly but we still had a really great time as a family and laughed until we hurt.

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  1. JeffLV says

    Bowling with 4 people on one lane is not really exercise. You can never really get your heart rate going when you throw 1 or 2 shots and then sit down for 3 minutes in between frames.

    Bowling with 4 people on a pair of lanes is a completely different story. Since there are only 2 of you per lane, there is hardly any rest in between your frames. I can easily get the heart rate up and even break a sweat when speed bowling like this.

    As for the profession bowlers, most of them nowadays are real athletes. Most are generally bigger people who can generate a good amount of power behind the ball. Bowling 50-80 games a week is extremely strenuous on the legs, arms and especially the fingers and wrist area.

    So bottom line…

    Social Bowling with 4 or more people on a lane = Not aerobics
    Bowling with 2 or less people per lane = Exercise

  2. says

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    Get the ball over the foul line; reach out with it. There are two reasons for this problem: either your timing is off, or it is simply a case of your ball not fitting you properly.

    Many bowlers I’ve seen seem to do everything well, until they release the ball. Then they go into a poorly executed follow-through. Here’s one examplenot keeping down; pulling up at the finish. You can overcome this by keeping your head down and your eyes on the target.

    Here’s a problem on the fol-low-through; in fact, it’s no follow-through at all. Be sure to continue the arm on its natural upward motion after the ball has left your hand. Many pro stars continue the motion until their hand reaches the height of their head. Try it. It could be a great help to you.

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