Chest Workout That You Can Do At Home

Looking for a chest workout that you can do at home? Your local gym with all the machines imaginable is perfect of course, but sometimes you probably just don’t have the time or the motivation to get there. Working out at home can save you a lot of time and money.

So here is a quick but super effective alternative – and all you will need is a cheap set of dumbbells. Have the dumbbells laid out right there ready, on pillows to make them easier to pick up and put down. Pillows can also prevent damage to your floor.

Note that because the pushups will take the first flush of your energy, you will need a much lighter than you normally use for the dumbbell exercises.


Take your position on a carpeted floor or exercise mat and do as many pushups as you can do while maintaining form. Take them slow. When you cannot do this without cheating or losing form it is time to stop.

Turn onto your back and move straight on to the dumbbell flys, no rest.


You should be able to do this exercise slowly, taking 3-5 seconds to raise and lower the s, without using other parts of your body to handle the pressure. If you cannot do this you need a lighter .

Again do as many as you can without sacrificing form, then move straight on to the dumbbell press, do not put down the dumbbells between.

Dumbbell press

Start the dumbbell presses, raising the weights directly up vertically without a break, with elbows coming down onto the floor. Be sure and have your forearms vertical. Again take it slow and stop when you risk losing form.

Repeat the Above

Give yourself 3-5 minutes rest and then repeat the whole series. You can do anything up to 8 reps depending on condition but expect to feel it the next day.

This workout will work your chest muscles in isolation and so maximize your muscle growth but you must be sure to use light enoughweights otherwise the effect will be reduced. Doing the exercises slowly is vital for maximum growth. As with all dumbbell exercises, better to do fewer reps and do them right than rush your workout, losing the benefits and risking injuries.

Doing these dumbbell exercises on the floor will control your range of movement and help to prevent shoulder injury. However, always consult with a doctor before starting any exercise or bodybuilding program including this home chest workout.

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