Drinking water in the morning

I was in the habit a year ago or so of drinking almost a liter of water first thing in the morning and I stopped that. I know how good it is to not only hydrate first thing in the morning but also to give your body a wake up call to wake from the slumber of sleep so I started again.

This week again I began to drink lots of water before hitting the bike and surprise surprise I feel a lot better on the bike and am not starving by the time I get to work.

Some habits we just should never break

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  1. Carobess says

    This drinking water first thing in the morning makes sense. I have been relying on too much caffeine and have been getting the jitters. I look forward to trying water first thing in the morning instead of reaching for the joe. Thanks!

  2. Neveen says

    this is just Great! ive started doing this habbit, and i really dont feel that hungry! i feel more energetic and healthier! i read in islam, that the prophet used to drink water with a spoon of honey in the morning as well, never tried it though. :)

  3. PAH says

    recently saw this on stilletto chef & tried it this morning. I feel great, energized & will keep this up every morning.

  4. Melissa says

    Water is the new ultra healing I believe.

    Age of Aquarius! Have been doing lots of research on water. Love the science and overall HOLISTIC explanations of water by Dr Masaru Emoto and his book “The Healing power of water”. Very interesting. WE NEED WATER AND LOTS OF IT. Our bodies are made up of about 85% water. That pretty much says it all.

    Most of us are so dehydrated and addicted to SUGAR and Salt and all the chemicals they put in processed foods. Water stops my cravings for these substances, but also flushes these “toxins” out. I was a big diet (eek) pop drinker. Was trying to get pregnant for 2 year and stopped drinking it and within 3 months got pregnant. (I know we are commenting about water on this site, but just emphasize that no other liquid can replace pure water (even with a bit of lemon and honey ect.. just make sure you are drinking 95% or more water in your glass) Water is a simple yet very complex piece of work.

    Since I’ve started drinking a lot of water again not only just in the morning, but always am sipping the entire day, I’ve noticed that i crave less sugar processed foods (an addiction i’m trying to overcome and beating) and overall feel more energized and honestly even gives me a positive state of mind.

    DRINK UP and keep your body, brain, spirit happy and healthy.

    Love to all….

  5. Kae says

    Hey guys, I am very over but I’ve lost some without even doing some exercise since I started drinking a litre of water first thing in the morning. In addition to this I have decided to eat fruit only until noon. It works for me.

  6. nitin tyagi says

    Hi Friends .
    it’s good to drinking water in the morning.It is useful with half lemon and two spoons of honey to reduce the loss.I had loss 5 Kg in One month(With Exercise).

  7. Ashwin says

    I am drinking water as soon as i wake up and i am doing it for past 3 months ,the results are really good.
    I was facing serious problem with my stomach,that’s the reason i started drinking water.Drinking water in the morning relaxes the stomach and removes all stomach related ailments.

  8. Abiodun says

    It has been a wonderful experience since i started, as i don’t easily feel hungry in the morning as i even stay more active.

  9. Michael says

    Thanks for sharing this experience. Its interesting that you felt a difference, after you stopped drinking water at morning. I am currently beginning to change my food-behavious and find this a very interesting task at morning. And as it seems, it helps :)

  10. Wayne says

    Hera, Lemon Juice (when measured in the Lemon) is Acidic, however, when the body ingests it it is Alkaline.. I’ve researched this, and basically your body becomes more Alkaline by having some lemon which is a great thing! So don’t be scared to add some in your morning water. I add half a lemon to every 2 cups water (eg. 1 lemon per litre)

  11. Bill Nad says

    I will occasionally put lemon juice in my water just to make it taste better or at least different.

    One thing to be aware of is that there are flavored waters on the market and I tried a lemon one last week that tasted just trerrible.

  12. Hera says

    People also recommend drinking water with lemon juice to kickstart the metabolism. But I was just wondering, wouldn’t drinking something acidic be harmful on an empty stomach?
    And if it ain’t, how much lemon juice is appropriate? I go for a tbsp at most, but hear some go for an entire lemon with their drink!!

  13. Ganesh says

    Cant agree more with you there! Have been doing the “get up and gulp 1.5 Ltrs Water” routine for more than 6 months now and I feel great! Have lost some , skin looks great and food tastes better in general…..

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