How Do Muscles Get Bigger?

How do muscles get bigger is important to anyone lifting weights or playing sports. Getting bigger muscles is the top priority of anyone working out with weights.

Lets look at how your muscles get bigger and then you can figure out what it will take for you to increase your muscle gains. If you have ever wondered how to grow bigger muscles, then I hope this will answer your questions.

Muscle Hypertrophy – The Growing of Muscle Cells

how do muscles get biggerMuscle hypertrophy is when your muscles cells get thicker. You muscle cells will thicken but not lengthen and it is still up in the air as to whether your muscles cell will actually split or divide to get larger.

The best way to cause muscle hypertrophy is to put pressure on your muscles so that they expect to need to push more .

Another form of muscle building is Muscle Hyperplasia and this is the actual splitting of muscle cells.

Anyone that has seen a giant bodybuilder has to wonder if we all have the same number of cells

Resistance Training

build muscleResistance training is simply lifting weights. This is really how do muscles get bigger. It is just about that simple.

What you really want is to make yourself stronger by making your body more able to handle heavier and heavier weight for at least four reps.

Power lifters as you have probably seen in the Olympics are not the biggest guys and that is because their goal is to lift the most for exactly one rep.

To fool your muscles into thinking that they have to be able to lift more they will need to do a few reps at the higher weight. Your body will then get used to this higher weight by increasing the strength of the individual muscle cells

How BIG Should Your Workout Be?

There are many strategies to get stronger and the idea behind all of these strategies is to be able to lift more for a few reps a month from now then your are doing now.

You have a few options to alter over time in the gym and they are these

All of these parameters are a little too much to cover in this article so I will cover them later but for now just think about how you are structuring your workouts and frequency of workouts.

How do muscles get bigger

I hope that this info helps you understand how do muscles get bigger and better at working out always, if you have any questions then you can of course leave comments here as well.

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