Mushrooms – Yummy and good for you

1. 20 calories: Mushrooms have essential nutrients that are good for heart health and help boost immunity. They have fewer calories than a rice cake.

2. Flavor: Mushrooms have umami the fifth taste. They add savory flavor when paired with other foods.

3. Vitamin D: Mushrooms contain 4 percent of the daily value of vitamin D. No other fresh vegetable or fruit has vitamin D.

4. Good for you: Mushrooms’ antioxidant capacity is comparable to that of brightly colored vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, red peppers and broccoli.

5. Hold the burger: Data suggest if men substituted a 4-ounce grilled portabella mushroom for a 4-ounce grilled hamburger over the course of a year, they could save more than 18,000 calories and nearly 3,000 grams of fat. That’s the equivalent of 5.3 pounds, or 30 sticks of butter.

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