Why Rice Cakes Are Bad for Quick Weight Loss

If you are on a diet and yet struggling to lose , it is pretty clear that you need to get rid of your poor food choices. Most importantly, you need to bid goodbye to your junk food buddies and embrace the organic and REAL foods in their place.

Nevertheless, no matter how much we monitor our food consumption habits, one or two bad foods almost always manage to sneak past our sharp eyes. One such food is the innocuous rice cake.

Rice Cake

Rice Cake

Yep, rice cake is one food which is usually eaten by wannabe loss strugglers, especially those who are dieting. They believe rice cakes are low on calories. Funny enough, they seem to be ignorant of the fact that this “low-calorie” food is preventing them from losing fast.

Calories are not the only thing

These people make such poor food choices because almost always they think in terms of “calories”. They feel that in order to lose , all they need to do is to reduce their total calorie intake. Now, calorie-wise speaking, rice cakes are of course low on calorie. But if you wish to burn fat fast, they are harmful for you. They are equally bad if you wish to strengthen and tone up your muscles.

You see, when you are on a diet, you would inevitably feel hungry because you are eating much less food than you are used to. As a matter of fact, when you are dieting, you are actually eating the RIGHT amount of food. However, since your body is used to your overeating habits, it has difficulty in adjusting itself to your new food habits. Enter rice cakes.

How filling is a rice cake?

Have you noticed that with every lump of rice cake you put in your mouth, you get hungrier and bite on another cake? It is not actually your fault; rather, the inherent fault of rice cakes. Even though rice cakes are low on calorie, they don’t satiate you fully. They are just like any other light snack; you won’t feel satiated until after you have consumed a whole sack of rice cakes. I don’t think I need to tell you that overeating results in gain.

Does this mean that you could never eat rice cakes? Ideally, if you are serious about loss, you should snack only on those foods which are rich in fiber content, as they would fill you up quickly. Keep in mind that the less food you eat, the faster you would lose . But if you are addicted to rice cakes, you would never be able to control your food intake.

The only time you could have rice cakes is when your body is in serious NEED of carbohydrates. Normally, your body uses carbohydrates to produce energy. Usually, after a long and intense workout session, your body loses its carbohydrate storage. This is when it needs carbs the most, and you could replenish your body by eating rice cakes.

Generally, try to avoid rice cakes as much as you can and if ever you want to have them, never eat them except after a hard day’s workout or strenuous activity.

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  1. says

    Lots of tablets currently available are sugar free
    and a few have nutritional vitamins for more health
    rewards. Choose the people who look the way you would like to look.
    They are best for doing exercises both inner and outer thigh.

  2. Paul says

    I have eaten a half a bag of rice cakes (with peanut butter) every day since August 2011 and have so far lost 120 lbs, lowered my blood pressure, normalized by blood sugar and lowered my cholesterol.

  3. Maragaret says

    What a load of BS! Articles like this are the reason people make stupid motherhood statements “rice-cakes are bad for you and should be avoided”
    I’m on a professional loss/ body transformation program atm, and have been encouraged to eat brown rice cakes with low GI toppings e.g lean ham and avocado, or tuna and lettuce, low fat cottage cheese etc…ESPECIALLY if you’re exercising – you need carbohydrates.
    This stupid article bring this whole site into disrepute.

    • Abbie says

      eh, it says in the article its ok or best to eat them after exercising. I understand the sentiment that they are not so bad but perhaps you should read articles properly before going on angry rants that make you appear a little over….emotional

  4. Ashley says

    Anything can make you fat if you eat too much of it. And of course if someone goes out and eats a hamburger because they didn’t feel full from the rice cakes that will make them fat, it’s because they have no self-control. Chocolate bars can make you fat because they are fattening, but if you one once and a while you’ll be fine. You’re not going to suddenly be obese you had a reeses peanut butter cup last Saturday. It’s all about moderation and self-control.
    I eat rice cakes all the time after work and I’m not fat..

    • will says

      there is absolutely nothing wrong with rice cakes especially the ones made with brown rice, the problem is some people have no idea about proper nutrition, you don’t need to eat the whole packet to be satisfied you just have to think about what goes on top for instance low fat ricotta or cottage cheese with tuna, turkey, ham tomatoe slices and rocket or arugula etc etc., it’s endless the amount of healthy options you can put on as a topping, so for those of you who think you need to eat the whole packet please think again. i have successfully lost with rice cakes as a healthy low fat and low carb option.

  5. Nene says

    Yea this ariticle is worthless. The more of anything you eat is going to cause you to gain so Im not sure why they would write an entire article about rice cakes not helping with loss if you eat a lot of them. I lost 20 pounds snacking on rice cakes instead of potatoe chips. I told a look at it to see if in the long run they were going to harm my health or something. A waist of my time.

  6. tony says

    “Whole grains that have been processed by high heat and pressure to produce puffed wheat or rice/oats, are actually quite toxic and have caused rapid death in test rats (Stitt, Paul; Fighting the Foods Giants, 1981 Natural Press, Manitowoc, WI, 62). Most, if not all, nutrients are destroyed during processing, and they are very difficult to digest. Studies have shown that these exuded whole grain preparations can have more adverse effects on the blood sugar that refined sugar and white flour.(Jenkins, David J A, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, March 1981, 34: 362-366) The process leaves phytic acid intact but destroys phytase, and enzyme that breaks done some of the phytic acid in the digestive tract.” ( from Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon, and Mary Enig, PhD)

  7. Kim says

    I’m sorry … you might be making some valid points here [although, a ton of people seem to have different experiences & insights] but the tone of this “article” is somewhat condescending. I think anyone referring to this article for help/insight should be put off by the fact that they are being called “wannabes” [though I will point out that this idea: “Wannabe loss struggler” makes no sense. either you want to loss or you don’t either you struggle … or ya don’t!] You back up your “facts” with large fonts. I think the most obvious downside to rice cakes wasn’t even mentioned here … there are are some sweet rice cakes out there that with the sugar added can have it’s negative effects if not eaten in moderation.

  8. Nader says

    The author fails to mention the difference between rice cakes made from white rice and ones made from brown rice. White rice (refined carbs) in general isn’t good for loss, but brown rice (complex carbs) is a healthy whole grain.

  9. Bob says

    He’s right. If you want to lose do some excersis instead of sitting around filling your gobs with rice cakes and chocolate caffeine free tea. Come on fatties!!

  10. Lauren says

    I disagree completely. It is the easiest thing to add fiber to the rice cake!!! “Insert: Rice cakes with almond butter and sliced strawberres / turkey and spinach / etc etc etc”
    Enjoy 😉

  11. Dieter says

    I don’t see how eating a 35 calorie rice cake is gonna be detrimental to loss. I agree that eating rice cakes as the only food to lose is wrong, you need variety, but as a snack I just cant agree with this foolish article.

  12. says

    Who ever wrote this article is clearly un-educated and it should be removed from the net.
    It sounds like somebody just thought this up in their kitchen one day while they were stoned and eating a pack of rice cakes.

    • vicki says

      i just got so depressed reading that article until i read the responses – thankfully there some people out there who have consumed rice cakes and know that they are not as evil as the article portrays them

  13. Michael Eng says

    Let’s not forget everyone that almost 2 billion people in the Orient eat rice three times a day, everyday, and they are as skinny as a rail. It’s only when they started adding meat and white flour to their diets do they see a rise in obesity.

  14. Caroline says

    Looks like this article has been refuted. If all you eat is rice cakes, something is wrong with you. Just like if all you eat is broccoli, something is wrong with you. You need variety in what you eat. Plus, whole grains, including whole grain rice crackers made from whole grain brown rice, are much better for you than processed nutrient-reduced white breads and white rices. I’m not dissing white rice, I do love fragrant basmati and jasmine rices as well as sushi rice, but think about it. Wonder Bread just won’t be as good for you as the whole grain, multi-oat bread. The same applies to rice cakes and any other carbohydrate product.

  15. Julien says

    Just three things:
    1. There is no such thing as a Wannabe loss struggler… you either struggle loosing or you dont…there is no in between.

    2. If ya cant eat just one rice cracker ya got no self-control and that means dieeting just wont suceed for you in anway…

    3. good rice crackers are made out of plain rice…so basically you are dissing rice

  16. Daycare_Mommy says

    Well, me & my husband just started P90X and Rice Cakes are on the list of OK to eat snacks. They are delicious and they get you full pretty quick, 6.5g Whole Grains, 45 Calories, Calories from Fat 0, Total Fat 0g, Saturated Fat 0g, Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, I combined a couple rice cakes with a Chocolate Hazelnut Decaf Tea and snack was wonderful, who said these are bad for you? They avoid me the craving of eating junk food, Love Rice Cakes!!!

  17. Chris says

    How is 5g of whole grain per serving with only 50 cals, 3g of sugar, and 0 fat for loss wannabes? Whoever wrote this is FIRED.

  18. Steve Mcgreesh says

    This is rubbish. Sure a rice cake with thats not whole grain will be bad for you if thats your only source of carbs. But a good wholegrain rice cake will do wonders for you in the arvo an hour or two before you hit the gym. And dont just have the rice cake. Top it with cottage cheese and tuna to make an awsome light lunch.

  19. Kendra says

    Ricecakes fill me up completely. I dont over eat and my snacking has cut back drastically. I dont see a problem with them and I’m losing eathing them as well. I eat one with a light topping @ breakfast, 2 @ lunch with a light topping, and then have a healthy dinner. I’m losing on this. This site was bull crap lol

  20. Iden says

    Ha ha what a load of bollocks! The person who wrote this must not have ounce of self control!! Granted if you eat enough of the chocolate and caramel snak-a -jaks u are runnin the risk but for normal rice cakes!!! lol!! You eat enough of anythn you are gonna not lose wieght unless we are talkin about salad and some fruit! Stick to the brown rice and wholegrain 2-3 as one portion and use them with protien shakes and fruit as part of your six small meals a day regime for best results!

  21. hayden miller says

    Don’t dis rice cakes! they are a healthy low fat snack! I’m hoping to do modelling after education and i know for a fact models eat rice cakes the whole time!

  22. jessica says

    What utter rubbish!!! I eat 2 rice cakes per serving and don’t feel the need to scoff the whole packet. Rice cakes are a healthier alternative to things like crisps/biscuits. Low calorie, low fat and pretty filling. Next they’ll be saying apples are bad for loss!

  23. Monika Pawlak says


    Not all rice cakes are made from white rice!!!!

    I only eat the ones that are wholegrain.

    Also, sugar itself doesn’t make you fat, it just usually has more calories than other food, so you have to watch out with the amount of sugary things you eat (which isn’t really the case with white rice rice cakes though as they are low calorie).

    I do believe though that you should eat wholegrain rice cakes and not the white rice cake kind, as white rice ones don’t really fill you up.

  24. Cassie says

    You failed to mention the actual reason they are bad for you. They are made from refined processed white rice which turns to sugar in your blood. Sugar actually is what makes you fat. A healthy diet should consist of good quality protein, carbs, and fat. The carbs should be complex carbs, not simple carbs.

  25. Monika P. says

    I think the truth is that different types of foods affect people differently and work for people differently, especially in regards to what their dieting style is.

    For me, rice cakes were great! My dieting style is this: Not quick, but slow. Eat up to 1800 to 2000 calories a day (which is the recommended calorie intake for my for slow loss).

    It was great, but I still found myself binge-eating once or twice a week or every two weeks…THen I decided to eat rice cakes instead of bread. And voila, no more binge-eating at all, and thus I have been able to finally lose slowly. It was great because I greatly enjoy just the process of biting on something, not just how I felt while eating. With rice cakes you prolong the process of biting onto something (if that makes sense) as they are low in calories, meaning u get to eat more food stuffs that u put on them, like jam, honey, tuna, ham, chicken, etc..

    So yummy! :)

  26. Pauline says

    Rubbish i have lost 1st 6lbs steadily and have found rice cakes a great substitute for chocolate/ biscuits and find 1/2 at a time is plenty no urge to keeping eating them unlike the chocolate or biscuits!!! A savoury one takes the place of bread again 1/2 is normally more than enough. we all need will power if we are too lose .

  27. Alan says

    Rubbish! I’m snacking on rice cakes since quitting smoking and I haven’t gained at all.

    Hooray for rice cakes!

  28. GD says

    This article is a waste of time…… its about as dry as a ricecake, does not even provide a REAL reason why they are bad for quick loss. All it seems to say is that people who eat rice cakes will end up overeating, there is an element of self control needed in all diets… i suggest anyone who is affected by this issue tries to enforce it!

    My fiance forwarded this to me…. as much as i love her i think she is potentially as stupid as the person who wrote this article for actually taking it seriously!!

    hmmmmm time for a ricecake i think…. i need it after all the energy i used tapping away to write this response.

    happy snacking!!

  29. Tim says

    I lost 35lbs snacking on rice cakes, I still eat them and have not gained a pound back one year later

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