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We all love watching X-Weighted and one of the real highlights of the show is not just the transformations in just a few months but also the no nonsense way in which Paul Plakas helps, pushes and fights against what people want to do in order to make them that much better.

I just saw on a comment from Paul on my X-Weighted post that Paul has his own website now which is great!

Paul PlakasYou can get lots of great info on Paul Plakas‘s website including info on the X-Weighted TV show, a blog with lots of great articles, his newest bodcasts (video podcasts that Paul has done) and lots more. The site really is great!

Paul’s fans as well as many people that want to be on the X-Weighted show email me and comment quite often so now people can go straight to the source. I am not sure how much Paul has to do with getting people onto the X-Weighted show but perhaps if you visit his website you will be able to find this out.

Also, if you live in the Edmonton area Paul Plakas is a personal trainer as well as a fitness show trainer and I am sure would be a fantastic one. Visit the new site and find out more about Paul and send him an email.

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  1. says

    Hello there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  2. says

    Hi Everyone

    I just noticed this website with all the comments. Thank you very much for taking the time to write them whether they are positive or not. I love any feedback that I can get. I am sure I can answer all your questions with the articles I have posted on my website http://www.paulplakas.com

    thanks again

  3. Vikki Coombs says

    My name is Vikki, I’m a 31 year old mother of 2 beautiful girls….one 6 years old and one 3 months old. I’ve struggled with my for the last 10 years…I never had a problem or thought I would become over but over the years I’ve become extremely heavy and very uncomfortable in my own skin. I use my humor to hide my true feelings. The reality is that I’m 5 feet 6 inches tall and weigh 332lbs…how I ever got to that scares me. I think I lived in denial for so long that once I realized how big I was I just didn’t know what to do about it. Then in 2005 my 1st born was 7months old and I took control of my life, I joined a program called “simply for life” and within 8 or 9 months I had taken off 90lbs…I felt great and thought I had everything under control…I stopped going to the program and within a year I had put all my back on and then some.
    I need help to get my off and keep it off, not just for me and for my health but because I have a beautiful family that I want to live for and to be around to see my girls grow up…I want to be able to do things that they enjoy doing and be active with them without always being out of breath or tired after 5 or 10 minutes….Please help me get on the right track…contact me PLEASE!!!!!!! my e-mail is vikkicoombs@hotmail.com I look forward to the future!!! Thanks Vikki

  4. Lynn says

    Dear Paul,
    i just wanted to say that i am one of your biggest fans, oh and before i forget” hey Fred! “You both are with out a doubt the killer team that motivates ppl to be the best they can be.
    I was a very large younger lady but in the past 10 yrs have turned my life around. I used to 210 lbs at 5.4 but 10 yrs ago a light went off, i lost 70 lbs. I have no idea why or how it happened but i start to move, started to eat natural foods, it has been a life altering experience.
    I watch your show as often as i can, even the day the network had the all day X Weighted i was there i mean after the gym and walk of course:)
    Paul you inspire and I just wanted to say “Thank You” for pushing, being honest and being well the person you are.
    Fred how could any person not feel good with you involved in there tranformation….you are incredible.
    Plz keep up the good work and remember how many lives you change, how many ppl you inspire and how many smiles you put on individuals lives every day:)

    smiling and watching always
    a devoted fan

    • sandra says

      Hi Paul I am his fan, I am a woman trying to follow a diet plan but not eercicios pas me I can not really my fish are marked 65 kilograms and my height is 53 cm, I have 35 and I feel very self-conscious because my hips are huge and do not know how I can download it, please help me to return asonreir paul again because I’m not docked at all. tequiero much, that God continue to bless you life.
      sandra gomez of barrranquilla Atlantic (Colombia)
      June 03/2011

  5. Jody says

    Hi Paul
    I need help; I’ve tried diet exercise but I can’t seem to lose the baby . I’m 5’5 and I 150 – please help I’m depressed about this. I just started a liquid only diet – I hope this will jump start my metabolism. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Thank you

  6. laura murray says

    hi i am always watching your show. and i have not yet to notice a very heavy person or a person with a disialibity. why is this? the reson i’m saying this is beceuse i’m heavy and have a disialibity.

  7. Susan says

    Dear Paul,

    Hello I love watching X-Weighted.. I just found out that I am pergent and I don’t want to gain anymore ed then I have to.. I am 5 foot 5 and weigh 170lbs.. Is there anything that I can do to make sure that I do not gain more then the 15-30 lbs you should gain.. I do eat right. I love veggies and fruit and eat them daily. If you can email me some tips that I can do I would like that very much.

    Thank you very much

  8. Pippa Silverlock says

    Just watched X-Weighted forthe first time and Paul has not made the best impression on me so far. A couple was on and he pretty much just wrote off the woman and sided with the man. If this guy was my personnal trainer,I wouldn’t go back to him for a second time. I want encouragement, not to be berated. One word. Bully.

  9. alma velazquez mendoza says

    Soy apasionada de ver el programa xxl y siempre que lo veo digo que que afortunadas son las personas que tienen la oportunidad de bajar de peso con su experiencia en rutinas de ejercicios asi como tambien la supervición de las dietas. Yo mido 1.61 y peso 86, tengo 10 años de batallar con mi sobrepeso, mi duda es que me llama mucho la atención el ejercicio que pone en la rutinas que es que pasen de un lado a otro de una banca, tiene que tener una medida especial la banca? tanto de altura como de ancho? y bueno en este largo camino tengo muy claro que tengo que modificar mi alimentaión asi como mantener una rutina de ejercicios con disiplina y constancia. ojalá pueda tener respuesta y que Dios lo siga bendiciendo para que por medio de la televisión sigamos aprendiendo de usted. muchas gracias. Alma Velázquez Mendoza de México Distrito Federal.

  10. natalie ortiz says

    hola pablo:
    soy una joven de 25 años, casada hace 1 año y 4 meses de chile – santiago. veo su estupendo programa cada vez que puedo y me alegra que existan esa clase de personas que ayuden a otras ya que en mi pais no hay muchos de esos programas al contrario siempre fomentan otros tipos lo felicito mucho y de todo corazòn. bueno el tema es el siguente estoy con una obesidad tipo3, mi peso es de 93 kilos y mido 1.59, deceo perder peso y tambien sentirme hermosa y bien pero necesito consejos le agradeceria mucho si puede contestarme desde ya muchas gracias y que DIOS LO BENDIGA……

  11. Eliana says

    Hola Paul!!
    I’m your fan number one. I’m from Venezuela, from a city named San Cristóbal. I watch your show every day I can, when i can’t, I record them!!! You are my inspirations when I want to quit my diet and exercise.

    Gracias por tu fabuloso show!!!


  12. Barbara Hill says

    Hi Paul Love your show. I am in my mid fifties and yes over, I have some health issues with high blood pressure, I really want to lose 30 to 50 pounds. Is it too late for me? can I do this on my own? Please help, with any advice you can give me before this gets any worse. Thanks in advance. Barbara

  13. Skye Spicer says

    Dear Paul,

    My name is Skye Spicer and I am 18 years-old. I live in Ontario and i have a goal to be a personal trainer. I have had problems trying to get back into shape since my accident on July 16th 2009. I am able to run 5km but would like to run 10 km one day. I hope that you can help me, because I already have my goal pair of jeans that I would love to fit into. Please email me back as soon as you can.

    Thank you,

    Skye Spicer

  14. Larissa Evans says

    Hello Paul!

    I watch your show all the time. I am a fitness specialist and love helping people get fit and healthy. I currently work full time and do the fitness work part-time. Do you have any advice on how to expand my fitness career? I have been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years. I would love any advice you could give me.



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