December 10, 2023

Often people are not really overweight but instead are just looking at how to lose 10 pounds that have been hanging around for a few weeks or even a few years that they do not know how to get rid of.

Well, I have a few ideas on how to lose 10 pounds now and fast that should get you on the right track.

How to Lose 10 Pounds

1.ย When trying to lose weight it comes down to energy in and energy out.

how to lose 10 pounds

There is no real way around this. To lose 10 pounds you need to burn 35000 calories


more than you take in.

The math doesn’t lie and you can’t lie to a scale either.

2. Most of our body is water and because of this, there is water retention.

Your body combats what is throwing off electrolytes or stress or other factors and it will naturally retain water.

3. Fat is high in calories. High water foods are low in calories. In order to change that input-output ratio, you need to raise the amount of low-calorie density foods and lower the amount of high caloric density foods.

So eat less red meat and fatty deep fried food and eat more fruits and veggies which are high in water content and nutrients.

4. All Weight loss comes with a reason. What is the reason that you want to lose the weight?

When you are hungry and drive by a McDonalds or KFC and just want to do drive-thru what is going to stop you? Certainly not losing weight.

Pulling this all together

So how do you pull all of this together? how can you lose 10 pounds?

  • When you want to know how to lose weight it comes down to planning.
  • Plan to drink a lot more water, it will make you pee more often but will also clean you out and give you move energy.
  • You also have to get more exercise and by exercise, I mean try to get one hour of exercise of any kind in a day.
  • This needs to be an exercise that you like and not exercise that just feels like work as that will not be sustainable.
  • As far as eating goes you will need to get back to those core eating habits of eating fruit and vegetables and reducing the amount of heavy carbs like rice and potatoes and make sure to eat often.
  • Eating smaller meals more often will keep that metabolism up for you.

how to lose 10 pounds

Here Are More Tips To Help Lose 10 Pounds

  1. Eat all your food in 5 or 6 meals a day instead of three
  2. Cut back on your White carbs (rice, potatoes, pasta) and substitute with vegetables, which are higher in water and nutrients anyway
  3. Exercise first thing in the morning by walking or light jogging or even biking for 30 to 45 minutes
  4. Drink water from morning until night to stave off those urges to eat more food and to keep your metabolism up
  5. Eat all your food in those 5 or 6 meals before 7:30 at night so that you are not going to sleep on a full stomach

Why Do you Want to Lose 10 Pounds?

Finally, if you want to know the real secret of how to lose 10 pounds you need to worry about why you are trying to lose weight. On those days where it is really tough to diet or exercise or make good decisions then you need to be very clear what the heck this weight loss sacrifice is for.

  • Is it going to make you more healthy, losing 10 pounds will make you a lot healthier
  • Or do you want to fit into smaller clothes?
  • Or is it a goal to prove that you are in control of yourself?

All of these reasons and more are important. Write you reasons down and post them up everywhere. Make sure that you never forget the WHY of how to lose 10 pounds.

So now you know what I know about how to lose 10 pounds the rest is up to you to plan, eat, drink, exercise and follow through on your goal.

315 thoughts on “How to Lose 10 Pounds – A Few Great Steps and Ideas

  1. I am a 16 year old and I weigh 160 pounds.. I dont look like I weigh 160 but I do. My parents said that I just have a lot of muscles. But I dont like my legs and I dont know how to loose from my legs. I need help to do it. I am very insecure about them. I have massive calves and I think they are disgusting. I need helpful hints.

    1. hey hunnie i just like u and uesed to be very active in school in my last years of high school i gain 30 pounds witch put me on the cubby side about a year ago i strved and staved my self and lost 50 i look good but i was so hungrey all the time it made me be angrey and i always was mad , i went to cuba the sping with my new body ( at a 160 pounds ) and meet my now soon to be husband ,, guess what he told me that the thing that made him so attacted to me was the fact thahad curves and a strong structure you do tooo ware it with pride and the most . i have the full thighs to and i am not scared to let ppl know that i am pound to show i am heathly , i keept the off by eating heathly and useing common sence , but i feel better ,not so crazy lol.. so dont let anyone bring you down , life is to short to hate your self !!!..healthy is beauty !!

  2. Elizabeth Claire Finnegan:
    I need some direction on why Im not losing . Serious answers only please and also please READ my entire entry if you do answer so you know if your advice reflects what I’ve said.
    3 months ago I decided to do I diet overhaul. I had been skinny all my life but in the last 3 years gained 20-25lbs bc of eating junk and not being active enough. So, I decided to knock it out and really change everything. I am 30 years old and 5’5 148lbs. Im normally in the 120s or 115’s and maintained that very easily. Ive never gained before. But its not working and I cant figure out why. I welcome any advice.

    Heres what Ive done:
    1. I completely cut out junk food. I used to eat lots of candy,cookies, processed refined sugar daily. The only time I have sweets now is maybe once per week and it’s a couple of bites, very limited & rare.
    2. I quit caffeine. No more starbucks or diet coke, I started buying Truvia pop at Whole Foods which has zero cals and no chemicas. But I mostly drink spring water, at least 100 oz/day. If I have Truvia pop it’s a few times a week. I also drink almost no juice, and if I do it’s less than a serving of full pulp OJ (for the ruffage) a few times a week at most.
    3) I started eating breakfast everyday. I do a serving or 2 of steal cut oatmeal (no sugar), with a bit of almond milk and organic berries. This keeps me full until mid to late afternoon, then I have another meal. Maybe a couple egg whites w a yoke, a slice of cheese, some raw or steamed veggies (kale+tomato) all on ezekial bread or high protein/high fiber natural multigrain bread (basically an egg sandwhich). If I dont eat eggs I may eat a serving of tofu for protein. or a serving of lentils. I am eating no sugar, no added sugar etc. Although when I make the tofu I do add a bit of organic oil, less than a serving. However, everything else I am eating is very low in fat so 100cals of olive oil once in a while doesnt seem like my problem. I also do not over eat ever. My appetite is pretty small
    Overall I’m probably consuming about 1200 calories on days I am not active, and probably about 1500 on days I am active, like Id throw in an organic apple with almond butter here or there, or a handfull of kashi . I do count calories and I do NOT snack. I am reporting everything fully here.
    I do light-medium exercise, via powerwalking, yoga, etc. Although I admit, I’m not a cardio/gym rat, I notice when I do super intense cardio it does increase my appetite a lot so I choose lower impact exercises.
    Also, I’ve been eating less animal meat bc I was eating a ton of it before and it was making me kind of sick. So please dont suggest paleo or Atkins, I’ve done both by the book and bc I am a slow oxidizer naturally, those diets do not work for me. I promise. Ive tried it all. Also I do not consume alcohol but I never have.
    what am I doing wrong? I watch these loss shows and I’ve noticed they eat so much worse than I do, even the ones who have about the same amount to lose. I eat no processed food, no fast food, nothing

    1. Well the 17 day diet book does wrk I went y the book and in 17 days you can lose 15 lbs.!!! You lose about 5 a week 1 a day it works perfect hope this helps it is exspensive but helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Elizabeth,
      not to scare you or anything, but have you mentioned this to your doctor? 25lbs in 3 years seems pretty significant- I would start out by checking your thyroid and ruling out any potential heath factors.

      Once cleared, I would keep a food journal. is a wonderful tool, they have everything in their database and it’s very user-friendly. You said that you “probably eat around 1200 calories a day”. Even if you think you’re good at estimating, you may be farther off than you think. Try it, track it, and see if it helps.

      I would cut out soda entirely, as there is no nutritional benefit. Save it for parties and special occasions ( or for those of us who drink- to mix with some alcohol ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Have some green tea if you’re sick of water (some studies say it burns belly fat- don’t buy into that too much). There is also no reason to cut out coffee (black or skim milk only) or tea, unless you have a caffeine intolerance. These drinks won’t hurt you if your trying to lose if you drink them in moderation.

      You said when you weighed less you were eating more protein.. Your body burns more calories when it’s processing protein over carbs, so if you switched from protein to carbs, that could be a factor.

      Probably nothing you didn’t already know, but I would say definitely try a food journal and you may be surprised how many calories you are actually eating.
      And remember.. the didn’t show up overnight (3 years) it will not go away overnight either..

  3. So I’m around 5’5 and 125 pounds. I’m 16 years old and looking in the mirror is like watching a horror movie for me. At the beging of my 10th grade year i weighed 145, then my matavilism (forgive my spelling) changed and I dropped 15 pounds. Recently I’ve started running and now here I am at 125. But I don’t look good. I hate my body. I want to around 105-115. Everyone I talk to tells me I don’t need to lose , that I look good the way I am, but honestly I don’t care what they think, because I’m notto the point to where I think I look good. Good for you if you think I look good, but for personal satisfaction, I have to believe I’m skinny. I don’t believe I’m skinny yet, so any tips to get me healthy and skinny? Thank you for your time and help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. OK people so here’s my story. I’m 4’11 and used to weigh 108. Now I can already see most rolling their eyes!! I have extremely small bones that of a child so 5lbs makes a huge difference on me. I started a low fat, low Carb diet with no sugar nothing white (breads, pasta, etc) lots of whole grains, vegatables and fruit. I bike at least 3 days a week and got the whole family included to make it fun and keeps us all healthy. I do beach body which is a 10 minute workout with mixes of cardio, training yoga etc. You can do one 10 min workout and build from there. Everybody can do a 10 min workout! The first week I only lost two pounds per the scale and almost gave up but it was my view that was wrong. Use those cute pants in your closet that you love but could never fit into because they were too tight or muffin top lol. They will change your view the scale blurs your vision! Eat simple oats in the morning with fruit or eggs, eat a snack fruit or yogart, then lunch salad with turkey or chicken, tuna then another snack, dinner with whole grain pasta or brown rice lots of vegatables (I use to hate anything green, find what you like) then another snack if you like. Plain popcorn is a great snack! Don’t count calories, weigh yourself or listen to anyone else. Eat healthy, move your body at least 3 times a week and drop the sugar and drink water and you will notice a huge difference! Don’t think of it as a diet think of it as a lifestyle. Ever see a picture of a fat cave man? They ate lean protein, fruit, vegatables, and water, nothing processed. Americans weren’t fat until they introduced processed foods ie. White bread, pasta and junk food. It does take will power but isn’t impossible. You can have a cheat meal each week I have mine every Friday with the weekly family dinner. Hope this helps I’m now 104 and its been 2 or 3 weeks. Be realistic and have fun set your mind straight first ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi my name is Katri and I’m 12. My is 105 ibs and 5’3. I need to lose 10 ibs. If I eat healthy and burn 500 calories a day, is that enough? And I don’t eat sweets or junk food. But i just wanna be thinner!

    1. You’re 12..God knows how many people would want to weigh that much at 20(But even that seems a bit under). You dont need to lose anything. You dont even need to be worrying about it. If you must though, just focus on getting stronger…plus your going through an adolescent stage..its going to flucuate and change a hell a lot more in years to come. Youre just at the beginning. Just remember to eat right and excersize and get enough sleep…thats all you need at this point.

    2. Okay, A. you are 12. When I was 12 i weighed 100 pounds even. I was not healthy and i think back to that, I looked disgusting. I’m 16 now and 125, my goal is to be, at the most, 115. But if you are healthy you’ll look good, to an extent of your loss. Maybe lose 5 pounds. At 12 don’t worry about being fat, but focus on being healthy, that will get you to where you want to be.
      B, when you grow up, you’re going to gain , there is nothing to change that, just eat right and exercise. You’ll look good and be thinner ๐Ÿ™‚ think healthy ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. I’m 11 and 104 I wanna lose 10 lbs I do have be lly fat and I hate it but you should be about 95 to 100 lbs but your taller I realized so you can weigh just more than shorter ppl I am only 4’9 so I have to weigh less to look slimmer my friends are mostly taller than me they weigh about 111 and 112 and are super skinny and do sports but sports aren’t my thing I’m not the best kicker or runner I walk and jog somewhat around my neighborhood and i sometimes eat what I’m not supposed to but my cousin stopped all sodas and all sugars and eats veggies fruits and watches her intake I’m starting that diet she lost about 20 -30 lbs and is really small now she is active and doesn’t run but keep a good excersixe everyday so just do what she did and you should lose really fast ๐Ÿ™‚ hope this helps

  6. im 19 years old im 5’6″ and i currently weigh between 155-157. about a month or 2 back i used to weigh between 144-150. my previous was the i was very comfortable with and now i have gained a few pounds over the past few weeks. so i want to try to lose about 10 pounds. i know i have gaind some muscle but i can feel i have gained some fat. my freinds and family kkep telling me i look great but i want to lose those few pounds so im gonna try to follow the directions above and hopefully i will lose a few pounds so i can feel better about myself!!!

  7. Im seein g a lot of 128 and 6feet yeah i dont think you need to lose anything my goal of my entire life has been to be around 130 and i am 5″7 i also just had a baby about 11 months ago i hate how my fluctuates from 139 to 143 -___- its really pissing me off not only that i also have some major constipation issues!!! i never had them until i had my daughter UGH anyways i think that i will try the 6 small meals a day with fruits n vegeis and see how that works for me ive used hydroycut max for women and omg that worked wonders! but i hadnt used it in a while due to low blood pressure so i have another dr appointment and see how it goes and then ill try to use it again ive also been using the 30 day shred a workour video created by jillian michaels and the resultsm are awesome and ive never felt more in shape in my entire life right now im using her detox and cleanse or at least trying to give it a shot to get rid of all the waste that i have stored up and its starting to work too but i definatle will try the fruits n vege thing im definately saving this page

  8. Hi, My name is Carly, I am 15 years old, I believe I am 6’1 (not sure though) and I weigh 128 pounds. I really would like to drop a few pounds and have a nice stomach. My sides of my stomach are a little bit chubby, I think their called love handles and I really want those gone too. I do side crunches with 5 pound s but I also have slight skoliosis which causes one side of my hip to be slightly higher than the other. I am not sure if because of that I wont be able to loose it and if i continue doing the crunches if it will help tremendously on loosing my sides? I am eating smaller portions but the thing is, my school is filled with fried food and I am not sure what I should eat. I was thinking about maybe cold cut sandwhiches would be a better choice. I also drink lots of water.

    Please help, It really means alot

    1. You sound like you’re a great and in good shape already. Have you ever tried kettlebell kickboxing? I recommend that for love handles. You will begin to move your abs and core in different ways than if you just do side crunches. Just doing high to low planks will also help a lot in that department.

    2. You sound like you have a similar body type to mine. I actually have the same exact issue with one hip being higher! Light cardio like kickboxing, running, etc should help slim down your side areas. Strength training like standing ab crunches is great too. Have you ever thought of dance classes, like ballet or hip hop? Honestly, looking back on my body as a 15 year old (I’m now 24)…I would say that you are still developing and have nothing to worry about. The best advice I can give you is to eat clean food (fruit, veg, lean protein) and find some form of exercise that doesn’t feel like you are working out. Find something you enjoy, so that you can make it a lifelong habit. I really like hiking, walking, climbing, biking, etc. Pack your lunch for school!!!

  9. hello there! I’ve been working out for 1-2 hours every day for two weeks which consists of biking/ running, 150 sit-ups, 120 push-ups, and some i don’t know the’re names plus i avoided sodas and chocolates and rice but still, I think I haven’t lose yet! ๐Ÿ™ What else should i do? i need to lose at most 20 pounds. PLS HELP! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. when I started running, I lost pretty fast. Try running like everynight or every other night. It truely has helped me

  10. Right now i weigh 129lbs and am in boxing. Im pretty skinny but i have to go down to 119lbs to fight in that class. muscle weighs more than fat so idk what i should do or eat. Will running help a lot? I have to run anyways for cardio

  11. Hi,

    My name is Amy im 13 and weigh 139lbs. I want to weigh less because i am a dancer and i really love ballet. I know i am not over but i sure do look like it because i have large breasts and huge thighs. No one in my family looked like this at 13, so i know it is not my heritage. I don’t know what to do because i dance for 3-4 hours every day every week. Can you give me some advice so i can slim down like 20 lbs???

    1. Make all snacks but one a week a fruit or a veggie snack. Don’t forget to do some sort of exercise and stretching on days when you don’t have dance. Other then that just keep your head up. As you continue to grow everything will sort itself out. I had the same problem when I was 12-15 and just by being active everyday helps. Don’t think too much about your , it is purely a number. Think about being healthy and happy. If you think it is a true problem see your doctor as he/she will know more about your situation and can provide a better plan for your health.

  12. Hi,

    Im 13 years old and weigh 139lbs but i really want to weigh less. I know im not fat but I’m a dancer so compared to everyone else im huge.I dance seven days a week for 3-4 hours a day so i can’t really exercise more. I can’t do the partnering sections with guys because im to heavy. Can you please help me slim down so i can be partnered.

  13. the way to loss is to limit sugars and carbonation. Natural sugar as in fresh fruit is ok but I limited it to 13 or 13 grams a day. I lost 178 pounds doing this. Carbonation was the hard one for me and after a few years I broke down and bought a six pack of diet orange and gained ten pounds but lost it within a week of not drinking carbonation. I am a firm believer in this and repeated the process one more time to make sure, same results. Just my experience.

  14. hi im 11 yrs old i measure 5 feet and 2 inches i weigh 130 – 134 i change everyday dunno y though
    im really tryin 2 lose any advice?

    1. Hi girls,
      I totally understand. Unfortunately when self image is the most important, we are most likely to be over . I think it comes from eating habits instilled by our parents and being in the process of figuring out what we really need to do. Here is what i learned. I was very over as a chhild and teen ager. Had to put up with a lot. But as i grew older, i became more and more busy. Specially when i started working. Fill up your day. Join sport activities. Going to gym is boring. Playing is fun. if you are part of a team you have to show up or you will let down your team. If you can, find a job which is NOT around food. Then you can pay for the lovely clothes you can wear after you have lost . Dont stop eating. We need our energy specially if we are going to be active. Cut down all sweets and fried food. Dont worry about carbs and protiens and antioxidents. Ask any doctor and they will tell you the same. Good luck!

      1. Love your response! Girls need to remember that muscle weighs more then fat, and is just a number too.

    2. Changing around five pounds everyday is normal, your varies, so don’t worry about that. It’s completely normal.

  15. i am 15 6 foot 1 and 13 stones, i know i am big and therefore weigh more but i resently put on that extra stone and i have a big bell how can i loose it to about 11 stone?

  16. Hey Guys,
    I am 16 years old and currently, I am 156 pounds and I want to lose fast. The thing is that I do not have much fat around my belly….. but I am confused as to why I weigh so much….. pls help…..

    1. First off, if you are tall then that is a big factor. Bone, especially calcium rich healthy bone, has . Secondly you need to look at how fit you are. There is this misconception that should be in a certain range, but if you are more fit than the average person of your height and age, then you probably have some muscle mass, which weighs more than fat layers do, especially if you have leg muscle. Remember your BMI, especially as a girl. You want to aim for a BMI of 18-24, 20-22 being ideal because some of that natural body fat is necessary to manage things like our cycle and hormones. A low BMI can be an indicator of being under or having low bone density (calcium, calcium, calcium). If your BMI is a little high, remember lean muscle will throw off your BMI just like it does your .

      You would need to cut out 3500 calories a week, aka 500 calories a day for 7 days, to lose 1 pound. It’s simple math. That is the healthy and best way to do it. Your metabolism will adjust and start giving you a better rate. If you eat a lot of salty foods, you may be having a lot of water retention , so drink lots of water. And eat a good healthy breakfast! Oatmeal or a low sugar cereal (anything under 8g of sugar is best – I like Special K Blueberry and Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Almonds) to jumpstart your metabolism in the morning. That’s why it’s the most important meal of the day.

      I know 1 pound a week doesn’t sound like much, but your body will adjust better to keep the off. I have had 2 children and I can always get back to my pre-pregnancy by this method without any diet pills or extreme diet plans this way.

  17. As a 5’8″, 170 lbs physically active 35 year old man in relatively great shape I came to this site to gain further knowledge but not for a moment was I ever expecting to find any, let alone this many, young people, most under the age of 15, making pleas for help in the comment section, worrying about their .

    While it saddens me that we as adults have let our youth down and have failed to educate them on the value of self worth and healthy lifestyle habits I feel compelled to help in whatever way I can, so with that in mind I compiled a few simple exercises to lead many of these young people down the path of a healthy and active lifestyle. Best of luck in your endeavors and I hope you all find this helpful.

    Any young people under the age of 16 reading this I want you to know that the idea of lifting is not for you. At this age you donโ€™t want to risk straining, over exerting or tearing something that could lead to you suffering from long term health issue. Weights, especially any s above 30 pounds are just WAY TOO heavy.

    Instead, work out every other day doing the following:
    Push ups โ€“ 3 sets of 10 (or as many as you can)
    Crunches โ€“ 3 sets of 10 (or as many as you can)
    Pull ups โ€“ 3 sets of 10 (or as many as you can)
    Dips โ€“ 3 sets of 10 (or as many as you can)
    Broad jumps โ€“ 3 sets of 10 (or as many as you can)
    Skipping โ€“ continuously for 3 mins (or as long as you can)
    Front Plank โ€“ 3 sets holding hold for 15 to 20 seconds (or as many as you can)
    Side Plank โ€“ 3 sets holding hold for 15 to 20 seconds (or as many as you can)
    Lunges (without s) โ€“ 3 sets of about 30 to 50 paces (or as many as you can)
    Squats (without s) โ€“ 3 sets of 30 (or as many as you can)

    In the midst of all of this you should be resting for 30 seconds to a minute between each set and having small sips of water during this time, as drinking too much at once will result in you getting a cramp and not being able to complete the rest of the exercises.

    And make sure you get in a 30 to 60 mins. of cardio DAILY (or as long as you can). Of course the most fun way to get the heart pumpinโ€™ is by playing sports/ games (soccer, basketball, tag, an adventurous bike ride) with some friends, so donโ€™t struggle alone. When friends are involved they help make work seem like play and provide the necessary encouragement on days you really donโ€™t feel like doing anything at all.

    If you donโ€™t know what some of the exercises I suggested above look like, simply Google them and youโ€™ll find examples galore.

    Finally eat healthy high protein, high fiber meals regularly and lots of water, but most importantly only do what you are physically capable of doing, or until a specific exercise is no longer a challenge for you. At that point you just increase the number of sets. Remember, you have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk, so to speak, so donโ€™t stress your body. And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not use any s while doing any of these activities. As well, ONLY work out every other day. Your body NEEDS time to rest. Like I said before, any professional body builder will tell you that and they lift s for a living.

    Best of luck to all the young people who come across this posting. Oh and donโ€™t forget, with the average life span lasting about 74 years, you have a whole lot of time ahead of you to worry about things like how much you weigh, so just enjoy your youth old because youโ€™re only young once.

    Take care!

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