March 30, 2023

YEP, the news is true, Jillian is again leaving the Biggest Loser. More news in my New Post about Jillian Michaels Leaving the Biggest Loser

jillian.jpg**Just an update to this post. This was written back when Jillian Michaels left for a season or two. As we all know, Jillian has been back for a while now and is still coaching on the Biggest Loser

I was a little slow on the draw with this one but apparently last week Jillian Michaels announced that she will not be back on the Biggest Loser. To bad, Jillian has always been a great alter ego of the training pair on The Biggest Loser to Bob Harper. While Bob has always been slowly pushed people up to a high intensity workout and eating Jillian has always pushed the contestants on the Biggest Loser right to the edge on the first day.

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Jillian has always had a soft side as well. She confessed once last season that when she was young she was over and had to really push herself to lose the and to get herself into the fantastic shape that really struck all of the fans of the Biggest Loser. Don’t be too worried about Jillian’s future however as she has a great business on and off line as a trainer and an author. Her book last year called Winning by Losing is still on the charts at Amazon.

Jillian is going to be replaced by Kim Lyons, a fitness competitor who lives in California.

25 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels leaves The Biggest Loser

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  3. It baffles my mind why everyone thinks jillian is so great. She’s a nasty mean spirited bitch. Most of the time she looks like she’s snarliing. The last episode when they had the thanksgiving dinner for the winning contestants.. jillian called the guy who gained the back, a jerk under her breath. What a over inflated ego she has. bitch is a better word for her. This summer she had a show of her own for a few weeks. I turned it once for 5 minutes . She was demeaning the women she was suppose to be motivating. What a joke thinking that people would waste their time watching someone so nasty. There’s enough negative in the world,, veiwers don’t want to listen to that screaming wacko… so.. Jillian your mother is a head should spend more time with her.. maybe she can help you overcome your emotional problems.

    1. I totaly agree! I am so glad she is leaving, Everytime they show her face I have to fast forward her face!
      She thinks she knows it all! What a joke!

    2. I think she is great. She pushes people because she cares. Its the weak minded people that can’t handle the truth that don’t like her. Keep doing what you do. Jillian, you rock and you’ve changed lives of many and I’m sure many more to come…

  4. Jillian needs to stop playing Psychologist ! The small amount of info she has learned from her mom (who got her degree online) just makes her dangerous.

  5. It’s sad that Jillian is leaving. One of the things she was best at was getting into peoples heads. You’ll see on every episode that people got the way they did, not because of eating, but because of much deeper issues they’ve had in their lives often with their family and self image. She pushed people because they put up a wall that needs to be broken through if they’re going to do more than just lose . Like make a mental shift for a true lifestyle change. She likely gets that from her mom who is a psychologist. I sincerely hope for the contestants that they replace her with someone of the same methods and commitment to recondition the way people think.

  6. Seriously I love Jillian. I’m bummed she’s leaving. Not sure if I’ll watch the show now, the new chick looks like a bimbo. Her pics look trashy. Jillian was real, not fake.

  7. Jillian, please don’t go. The show will not be the same without you. You motivate people and make them realize that there is more to the than just food. There is always an underlying issue that makes people eat, depression, family life, etc.. Please stay, You have helped so many people both on and off the show. I for one will not be watching the show if you aren’t on it. If you chose to begin your own show, maybe you should take contestants that just need to lose 10-50 lbs to get to their goal. I hope you change your mind.

  8. i am 14 yrs old, i enjoy watching the biggest loser BECAUSE OF JILLIAN. i love her approach towards the contestants.she has inspired me to be a personal trainer, and i really hope she doesnt stray too far from our tv sccreens!

    please come back Jillian, WE LOVE YOU!

  9. Actually this is an old article. Remember when Jillian left and Kim Lyons was on for a couple of seasons and then they had a three team season with Kim, Bob, and Jillian.

    I have seen a preview for the new seaon and Jillian is still there with Bob. No Kim Lyons anymore.

  10. ok well this was posted in may 2006 this is 2008 and she was just on the biggest loser this yr! So im tryin to figure out where allof this is comin from!!!

  11. Actually this was a bit of an old post. Jillian left the show and then after a couple of seasons of having Kim Lyons take her place Jillian came back. I wonder though how long she will continue, it seems that the show also drives her crazy.

    I think that Jillian Michaels is a fantastic coach and trainer.

  12. It is so sad that jillian is leaving she was the great supporter that I needed. She showed me that if it hurts then do it again because that means you will get better. She was the kick in the butt that I needed and I thank her for that. Just a couple of questions though. Why did u really want to leave? How can i lose really fast because i weigh about 200 lbs. but the sad thing is is that I am only 13? Keep doing what you love and don’t stop!!!!!! See you!!!!

  13. hello every body,im so happy to find jillian as i want to ask her about my shape,tell me jilliane how i can get a beutifull belly as yours but i want my hips to get larger,to be sexy,because my husband like big hips,i wait for your answer sooner.and thank you so much

  14. It is a sad dat for us all. Jillian is awesome i should know. i have all her dvds and since this began i have lost over 184 pounds. yeah i was asked to be a motivational speaker for the biggest loser spin off in my hiome town, but it never went thru as the show never moved forward.

    when i first turned on jillians dics i thought man this lady is on crack if she thinks i am gonna do that. after about a month i noticed my pants fell right off my waist(never had to wear a belt before). i thought to myself this lady isn’t on crack i lost about 30 pounds that month. i started to eat better, cut out all the crap in my diet, exercise more….i don’t have before pictures of me because being heavy like i was i really wasn’t photogenic.

    i love being the size i am now and wouldn’t change it for the world. jillian is intense , but i don’t care because she saved my life. i will follow her forever no matter what she does. i want to meet her in person and will one day.

    later all. jillian love ya darling.

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  16. i have always struggled with my but i have been using some things to try and tone up but i need some advice on exercises i can do with the equipment i have?i want to lose 60 pounds but i dont have the encouragement i need to want to get outside to do walking and things becuase i have been made of for so long that i need to find some exercises i can do indoors for now.i just bought a resistance band but i dont know how many things i can do with it.i try doing sit ups but after 10 im tired from just doing those.please help any suggestions>lisa i am sorry to see jillian leave the biggest loser good luck to her

  17. why did jillian decide to leave?
    I was just wondering why did Jillian Michaels left because she was great trainer to watch her help all thoughs people.

    I am 14 yrs of age and live in Australia and when the Biggest loser was shown on our screen I think I was 12. I saw how Jillian Michaels helped all those people and well that made me want change because I weigh 160kg and now at 14 I weigh 60kg.
    So I was just wanting an answer on why Jillian Michaels left biggest loser.

    Yours sincerely
    Megan Vernon
    I wonder why she left too. She was the Simon Cowell of the show on SOME levels. I love watching her and really hate seeing her leave. I hope she will get her own show. I am very disappointed that she will be gone, she was a big reason I tuned in each week.
    man, that sucks that she’s leaving! I was actually watching the show just to see her..she gave me such strength to push trough my workouts. I used to be able to run about 4 miles, but since she said that stuff about people having a mental block I tried to run further. The first time I tried it I immedeately ran 8 miles 🙂

    I read jillian is gonna do a new show, the family show or something… hope we hear more about that soon 🙂
    i think lots and lots of people will miss her.but i do fell kinda bad for bob he was because so used working with her that he will her more than us
    Jillian has inspired me to lose and keep it off. Bob Harper should have left the Biggest Loser, not her. I will be watching her new show, and I will stop watching the Biggest Loser.
    Sooo mean. Bob is awesome too. Jillian was always my favorite, but I think that’s just because I would do better with someone being on my ass rather than someone who is more nice and encouraging. I guess that’s why they do that. Bob is so great though. He keeps those people motivated and it’s so nice how much he cares about people. Not to switch roles here, but I’m so not into the new trainer. “Fitness Barbie”? Really?
    Yes, I agree. I am not as muc of a fan of Kim as I was of Jillian but it is still early in the season. The other problem is that so far her team is coming across as being a little whiny and that seems to be getting to her.
    I’m really dissapointed about it to! The season has just started here down under and I’m missing here already! She just pushed em to the limits! Everything single week. Every single day. It will be interesting to see if Kims team is as succesful as Jillians past ones.
    i love watching the biggest loser and i want a answer. Did bob and jillian have it going on, because i reackon they would be the perfect couple and whos to say they havn’t done it!
    I watched this season because I’m in Alaska and we had a contestant who was not only there but (as the world knows now) made it all the way to the end! Kai. I don’t know her – but I want to! However… if it wasn’t for Kai being on the show this season – I would have tuned right out.

    I love Bob. No – I mean in a HUGE “I beg you – please be MY trainer!” kinda way – I LOVE Bob!!! WHY? If I could go back into the military now I would… but just to go through Basic Training again =) no – seriously… I loved it! Bob and Jillian brought back a LOT of those same emotions I had then.. Bob and Jillian were motivating… Bob and Jillian would had my undevided attention!

    And I loved Jillian even more than I love Bob… but for the same reasons. So I was very very disappointed that I didn’t see her let alone that they replaced her with someone who – I gotta say – wouldn’t motivate me to do anythign except get in shape so I could kick her butt. I did not like the new trainer… what’s her name??… Kim Lyons? something Lyons. Either way… Didn’t like her one bit.. I tried.. she just doesn’t have whatever is it that Jillian does.

    sigh I want Jilian back. You?
    But yeah Jillian was gorgeous too why she left i wonder. Maybe she was too hard on the contestants. I know she used to always amke em cry
    Jillian will be on Australia’s Biggest Loser 07. We are doing a Podcast on it called Chew The Fat. Jillian loves the place so she was excited to come back for the second season i think. Thank God that other horror wont be coming. She was awful.

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