June 30, 2022

Turbulence training is the newest popular workout routine that is based on articles and research done by Craig Ballantyne. I am not sure how you feel about Mens Health and Mens Fitness magazines but they really are to me a more well rounded Muscle and Fitness magazine for people in their 20s to 40s not full workouts but the magazines are more about keeping and getting into shape and the Turbulence training method concepts are the cornerstone of both of these magazines.

So what are the ideals of Turbulence training? Well of course muscle building and weight loss. Bur doing them at home instead of in a gym.

What is Turbulence Training?

turbulence trainingUsing only three 45 minute workouts a week Turbulence Training will build muscle.

The premise of the program is to build an exercise routine that doesn’t fall prey to the five myths that Ballantyne attacks. In particular, while you’re on his routine, he suggests that you will never have to do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach; and you will never have to do cardio in the “fat burning zone.”

Additionally, he created his program so that you will only need to train for 3 days per week, rather than doing 7 full days of cardio, as you may be accustomed to. Furthermore, these routines will be short, since, as he explains, you don’t have to do more than 20 minutes of exercise in order to burn fat-contrary to what some fad diets claim.

Overall, the exercise regimen portion consists of a number of sets of short, burst exercises, which you will rotate out every 3 weeks. In brief, it focuses on the idea of alternating between different exercises and doing “interval training.”

In addition to the exercise portion, Ballantyne also provides an overview of how to get your dietary life together. But rather than offering some gimmicky set of strategies that is almost surely going to be unsustainable, un-enjoyable, and ineffective in the long run, he instead sticks to a reasonable set of guidelines, which-if followed-are sure to bring strong results.

Turbulence Training Weight Loss

This turbulence training workout system works because of the types of exercises, sets and reps that you do will help you lose weight.

craig ballantyne
Creator of Turbulence Training

The foundation of the Turbulence training system is the workout. The workouts are intense workouts that are based on all of the principles that I have already talked about in this blog but are put together is a way that is truly unique and effective. There is no crap that you do not need and anyone in decent shape should be able to do these exercises.

Workout at Home

turbulence trainingNo Gym? No Problem. Turbulence Training is a program that you can easily do at home and the Turbulence Training program is designed especially so that you can do this at home and do not have to join a gym to do it.

turbulence trainingThis is a really great advantage over most programs in that you can just workout at home and do not have to worry about motivation, what you look like, and especially what equipment you have. This is great!

turbulence trainingOne thing to note is that because of the intensity of these workouts you may need to be in OK shape to start this workout system. If you are in horrible shape then the turbulence training workout system will not work quite as well but as your condition gets better the results will be better.

turbulence trainingSome may disagree with this but the fact is that you are using the muscle that you already have to get even stronger and to burn the most calories.

Regular cardio training like running or biking or stair climbers or treadmills or rowing machines are not part of the turbulence training program which is nice for many people as the hours in the gym on this kind of equipment to some people can be very boring. In fact not only does Craig not have any cardio in his program but he is another of a growing number of people that do not think that standard cardio workouts are nearly as good as Turbulence Training.

Turbulence Training Program

1. Train 3 days per week. Alternate between Workouts A & B.
2. Each workout will be resistance training followed by Interval Training.
3. Perform 2-4 sets per exercise and 6-8 repetitions per set.
4. Pair “non-competing” exercises in supersets.
5. Rest 1 minute between exercises.
6. Perform 2 warm-up sets.
7. Conclude each workout with Interval Training.
8. Change the exercises in the workout every 3 weeks!
9. Get your nutrition together! Decrease your calorie intake by eliminating processed carbohydrates and some saturated fat from your diet.

For a great workout and diet program I would highly recommend the Turbulence training program and urge you to visit the site to learn more right now.

turbulence training

I am such a supporter of the Turbulence Training system that as a bonus I am offering you four free e-books if you purchase Turbulence Training though a link on this page.

The e-books are:
-101 Diet Tips
(A great addition to everything else you will learn here)
-Skyrocket Fat Loss
(A Tom Venuto Interview that spans 41 pages)
-Training and Nutrition Secrets
(65 pages of secrets that almost no one knows)
-Losing without starving yourself
(61 pages about…well I guess the title says it all)

After you have purchased Turbulence Training just email me at bill @ nadraszky . com (just click the link) and I will forward the books to you.

21 thoughts on “Turbulence Training Review

  1. I find turbulence training to be one of the best guides money can buy. Remember the guy behind it is a trusted expert! If you can train your bodies to love high intensity exercise you are on your way to having the physique you’ve always dreamed of. Thanks Craig Ballantyne!

  2. Being a woman, I find this Turbulence Training to be one of the best fitness programs I have found. I enjoy the routines and I enjoy not having to find parking at the gym.

  3. The techniques in turbulence training may help you get fit and work if you use them properly, but the rigorous nature of the workouts may not be good for everyone.

  4. that is a very difficult work out, but with anything to do with training it requires hard work and dedication. commercial waffle makers

  5. Turbulence Training is a fantastic program but it requires a lot of dedication and effort. One of the reasons more people don’t do HIIT is because it is a very difficult workout. If you can train your body to love high intensity exercise you are on your way to having the physique you’ve always dreamed of.

  6. If you really want to lose fast and have some beach-worthy body that you could show off, you might want to try some intense training to have a much better looking physique. You can achieve this and more by engaging in Turbulence Training as developed by Craig Ballantyne.

  7. Thanks for the review, Bill! Turbulence Training really is a fantastic program…I’ve been using it for 2.5 years now, and I honestly can’t seem to find an “end” to the intensity with Craig’s interval training routines. That keeps things interesting for sure. 😉


  8. Turbulence training is a great e book. People don’t see it because they fall for diet programs. The good thing about turbulence training is that is perfect for the average Joe person who wants to lose and tone up. This is what most people are looking for.

  9. Turbulence training is great… as for Erik, it would be hard to damage yourself with this guide as it has separate workouts for different levels eg. beginner and so on. From a female point of view, this is great for toning and getting rid of celulite hehe

  10. very nice story. It’s interesting sometimes people do things to the limits..some people just do it for passion and to encourage themselves and others that things are possible to do. I remember I wanted to stay fit so I decided to run! big mistake i made was i didn’t start out running slowly (was my first time). I was in bed for a whole week and I had a lot of leg and back problems for a while because I run for the first time, didn’t wear running shoes and and i tried to run as first as I could. My wife warned me to buy running shoes and start slowly but I didn’t listen. so my point is anything you are trying to do that is involved with fitness you need to take it easy and get a guide or expert for advice. I find turbulence training to be one of the best guides money can buy..remember the guy behind it is a trusted expert!

  11. Could you please furnish me with a correct website address so that I can take advantage of your offer for free nutrition and diet information? Thank you!

    C. Toomey

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