June 26, 2022

X-Weighted is a TV show that is shown on the life network here in Canada. The idea of X-Weighted is that the story of regular people losing weight would be interesting to watch and in fact it is.

The host of X-weighted is a trainer from Edmonton by the name of Paul Plakas. Paul is a great host for a weight loss show because he goes into peoples houses and is not afraid of offending them with his tips and is really great for giving workout ideas.

Also, as a Canadian Paul is never an ass but he doesn’t give anyone much of a chance to make any excuses either.

I watched X-Weighted a couple of times last season but earlier this week was a standard episode that I thought was great to watch especially for the lack of hype that this show uses to bring across the idea of weight loss over a longer period of time.

The structure of X-Weighted is that you will have an intro where you see the life situation of someone that wants to lose weight, then Paul Plakas measures and weighs the person, looks in their kitchen and does a fitness assessment. Using supplements for his body hes able to overcome some barriers others can’t.

Later in the show you have workouts and a midpoint weight in and finally at the end there is an official X-Weighted final weigh in. Great drama and great info all in an hour

Anatomy of an X Weighted Episode

x weighted

The X-Weighted episode that I saw started with Michelle, a lady that was over weight and would like to lose 50 pounds.

She had problems with one of her three children being Autistic and becoming a problem and her whole family leaned on her for support in various parts of their lives.

Because of Michelle’s work schedule and early mornings she would eat out at fast food places once or twice EVERY day. Now we know this ladies background.

First things first for the meeting with her trainer. Michelle laid out her situation and then told Paul that she wanted to lose 50 pounds in the next six months.

Her trainer talked to her about her exercise requirements, eating requirements, tested her current level of fitness and then followed her around for a day. A couple of day later Michelle met with her trainer for a training session and then we get to see how Michelle reacts over the next few months to life, changes and loss.

In the end Michelle lost I believe 44 pounds and was really happy with how things went for her  weight loss. Her life was a series of traumatic events over the time of her weight loss and it really makes you feel for her and her family.

X-Weighted is a great show in that it really walks you through how real people lose weight while living their regular lives, this is a classic idea of a reality show where the people are in their own surrounding much like our own and every great result is hard fought.

X-Weighted is on in Canada on many nights of the week on the Slice Network (formerly the Life Network).

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  1. Hi, I’m a full time, stay at home mom and I would like to lose my pregnancy but I need someone to push me and make me see that exercising is possible for me to do. I am 5’5 and I 260 pounds, most of which is my pregnancy that should have been easy to lose but I just seem to maintain it. If you could please help me I would very much appreciate it. I live in a town call Oshawa in Ontario.

  2. Please help me to make an unbelieveable transformation from way under to healthy. I have never ever come across any one with this request it must be unique if only the reality tv shows would grasp this concept I think people would watch. Please help me to attain my dream.

  3. Hey Paul, I was wondering if you would be able to help me out with some of me and my families problems which is losing and eating right. I need a lot of help, I am 20 years old and i am 6’1, 290 pounds. If you could help us out that would be the greatest. I live in Toronto.

  4. Hi Paul!
    Im 15 and I have two sisters and i have my mom (: My sister is 12 and shes 140lbs. If you ask me she is really lazy my mom would say the same thing! My other sister is almost three and shes 31lbs shes about the healthy one here! My mom is 37 and shes 256lbs. I have had alout of problems since i was little and till this day i still do. I cant lose and i have tryed everthing my doctor is thinking to put me under surgery to help me. But i dont want that! Could you help my family and I?

  5. Paul could you help someone in toronto. Said person is pushing 400lbs and we need him to stick around alot more years. Was always big guy but know it’s to big if you can help it would make his whole family and friends very happy.

  6. Hi there,

    Yes, I am an ONION! I have so many layers that need to be peeled back. The being the ultimate hiding place! My life has greatly suffered with all this hiding and I am READY for life to BEGIN! I have raised 3 beautiful girls, now have 3 beautiful grandchildren so its MY turn to find ME! Would love to see results of who I am inside! Thank you! 🙂

    aka~~ vanderella

  7. Hi Paul..how are you? I JUST LOVE YOUR SHOW..and I hope you are receiving these emails personally. The 6mths that you allow is brilliant in letting people lose slower and find the regiment that is suitable for them. It’s great! I’m a 49 yr. old female, 5’5″ and work in the Corrections field for the past 15 yrs From ages 15-28 yrs old I weighed 120-128lbs for I was very physical. I quit that, did very docile laborious work and ate, ate ate. From ages 30-45 yrs old, I went up to 220lb. My father always told me, “be careful, you’ll be like your Mom.”, who was over 200lbs. I said NEVER. Well, needless to say, I did. I was shocked that I could. I was single then, lonely and fed that absence with food. Cholesterol is 7, blood pressure the past 10 yrs is 150/102 and even up to 195/105. I get that I’m out of shape. My Mother passed away 2009, where I went up to 230lbs, I’d help my husband in his lawncare biz’, in 35*c weather and felt I was going to have a brain hemorrhage, due to major headaches. so I quit helping him. My Dad passed on in 2010 and because he stood for physical fitness, I went on the “Southbeach diet and lost 25 lbs. Now I’ve gained 10lbs back again, in another rut. (missing my Dad/Mom and we’re planning to move to AU, where I now will miss my friends, work, family and now gaining it back. Too many losses I think is getting the better of me. No lack of focus, determination; where do I get this back? We plan on moving to Australia in 2013 and I so bad want to get into Corrections over there but you have to pass the Physical Ability Test (3 min cardio workout in 2 1/2 min. ) Presently I weigh 208 and my goal is to lose 60lbs in 6mths. You think that is do-able? I feel I’m not going to get to my goal and pass this test and this is very important to me. I love my job but ultimately I want to live a long and healthy life with my husband. I will be 51 when I move over there, therefore need to be in tip-tip shape, wear dresses again, 2 pc swim-suit and help my husband work too. Please Paul, I would so much appreciate your help. I love swimming, walking, light running, gym stuff…I sure hope you call me, knock on my door…I WOULD BE SO ECSTATIC TO WORK WITH YOU AS A TEAM AND get this OFF. Thanks for your time, Ingrid 🙂

  8. Though I want this, I’m not going to bed like the others before me have. I’m just going to tell you a little information about myself and why I’d like to do this challenge.
    I’m an eighteen Canadian teenager struggling with my . I’ve tried everything from starving myself which only works until you begin to eat again. I’ve tried diet pills. I’ve tried Dr.Seagals “cookie diet” I’ve done everything. I just need information about what to actually do to lose ! I don’t know what I should be eating, my father wont support me in a gym membership because he says “that wont work either.” Being on this show would be a challenge for me, and I would love to be a part of it. It would be an eye opener for teenagers as well, it doesn’t always have to be older men and women.

    Thanks for your time,
    Kayla Squires.

  9. Hi,

    My name is Leah and I am only a Pre- teen. I currently weigh 126 and need help… I don’t feel that confident anymore nor do I feel good about myself!!

    My goal is to lose at least 30 pounds before I go back to school in September and be able to fit into a bikini… but the only problem is I love Chocolate but I would be willing to give it up. Most of my friends are thin so I feel like when we go shopping I look horrible in the clothes I try on and you can see my stomach!!!! I also want to be try to be a smaller dress size.

    I am only about 5 ft 1, I don’t EVER remember fitting into a bikini!!! At times I get so frustrated because my keeps going up or the same and it never really goes down!!! I AM SO FRUSTRATED AT HOME AND SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HELP PLEASE: If you have any suggestions PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know


  10. Hello, My name is Doris Collins and I live close to Windsor ON. I am looking to see if their is any opportunities to participate in this amazing loss and life style changing program.
    I have for years tried to accomplish my goals on my own for both loss and making a series life style change and have struggled and I am still struggling.
    I watch X-ed faithfully amd I am amazed at the results of all of the women.
    iI there is any way to join in on this program, I would love the opportunity, and feel that I could become another sucess story.
    Thank You for your time

    Doris Collins

  11. Hi Paul: My passion in life is to help others to start loving and accepting themselves, which means I want to walk the talk as well… see my website.

    I am from Saskatchewan, living in the valley, surrounded by lots of hills.. I do my best to work out, and eat properly, but I am not consistent. My started at 262, where I joined a running class.. I ran all summer and ran in our annual marathon, and ran 5km, I lost , was up to 205 1lbs, but once the winter kicked in, I found excuses not to run, and my is fluctuating back and forth from 225-230.
    My goal is to become a fitness trainer, run in more marathons (10km), and help others with their loss goals along the way..
    Paul the help you provide me will most certainly cause a ripple affect in my community..
    Thank you for your consideration.. If you can’t help me, maybe some words of advice or references to help me on my journey… Respectfully, Jan..

    Paul can you help kick start me to loose properly with success?
    The help you provide me will most certainly

  12. Hi,

    I was wondering if there is a chance that I could be on your show. I am considered obese by the bmi and at times my glucose levels are high and I have high blood pressure. The high blood pressure could be caused by one or some of the medications I take for fibromayalsia. I do a lot of walking and workouts with the Wii, with my sister and also go swimming once a month. I have been trying to lose the extra I put on when I quit smoking, for 12 years now. The most that I lost was 15 pounds. Can you please respond to my email and let me know if it is possible to be on your show?

    Thank-you for your attention to this matter and the opportunity to write you.

    Regards and hoping to hear from you soon,

    Patricia Carmichael

  13. Hi, Just have to say I love this show,I live my life though these people that you have helped I cry when they meet there goals .When I was working I lost so much I looked great .I am no longer working and the has founded me again !!!
    I am 58 this year and my is at 180.You see I have some health problems.I have COPD and osteoarthritis and a few more things. I do try to walk for 30 minutes aday, So what I would like to no is the food part of it,The whats to eats .If you could tell me when is the best time of the day to work out. and the food part .Just maybe I can do this on my own.And Get my body back
    Thank you Paul I just love your out look on life . You are the best.
    Thank you

  14. I am a 17 year old PEI teen girl. I weigh around 165 pounds, which is not drastically over but it will be! In November 2010 I was in a horrendous car accident which smashed my right leg. I had 5 different breaks and have been in a wheelchair for almost 3 months and still have 3 or 4 left to go! I am gaining like crazy, and I need serious help getting back into shape and rebuilding all the muscle I lost. I need help so badly, especially before I start college! Please help me get my life back!

  15. Like your show. Total common sense. Also like your new shows with the whole family and a Doctor. But what happened to Fred??Hope he comes back.

  16. and ps I LOVE the way their site ¨happen¨to be under construction when they air that show.. what a coincidence..

  17. I watch x-ed as I found it interesting how Paul would talk to the people, and his insight.. Then the jeanette show. His opinion about fibromylgia is the most narrow minded idiotic thing I have heard in ages! Few people get my blood boiling! I am 15 lbs over (15! not 150!) and have had fibromylgia for over 13 years I assure you the pain is real and it is managed with my rheumathologist, with medication and of course a healthy lifestyle! HOW DARE he say that its in my head!

    OPEN your eyes Paul! I have to admit I will never watch the show again and I do hope someone does kick his a** something nasty for those comments he made.

  18. Hi, i’d love to come on the show, i’ve had a spinal fusion op a year ago and have 2 gorgeous children. I struggle to exercise as i am petrified of injuring my back. Please come to the UK!!

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