March 2, 2024

Portions are some of the hardest things to control. It is fairly simple to think, no cookies but when it comes to 2 cookies, what is 1 more cookie?

Looking to use leftovers but do not want to eat them all? Here are some tips to control your portions and help you lose weight.

Portion Control Tips

Portion Control Tips
Portion Control Tips

1. Break down all leftovers into single serving meals and store them that way.

This way when you pick them out of the refrigerator you are not tempted to eat more than one serving.

2. Salad, just the lettuce and vegetables, are very low in calories and very high in proteins and fibers.

This will fill you up and limit the amount of other food you eat. Feel free to eat as much as you want, but use as little topping as possible.

3. Break up the snacks into individual sized bags and keep them out of reach. You are less likely to get up and eat multiple bags of chips than you are to clean out a single large bag that is right next to you.

4. Eat small snacks and meals throughout the day. To do this, break the food up into portions while making it and then eat one portion every few hours, as opposed to eating one large meal and being hungry later.

5. Do not place the food in front of you while you are eating. Instead, serve the food in a different room than you are eating.

Eat in the living room but dish out the food in the kitchen. Out of sight, out of mind.

6. Use a vegetable as a main course and meat as a side dish. This will limit how much meat you eat and increase your intake in healthy vegetables.

This is good for decreasing fat and calorie intakes.

7. When eating out, designate half of the food as take home before you even start to eat. This way it is off your plate and away from your fork.

This will also limit the size of dinner, making it a great way to limit calories.

8. If possible, order off the senior or the kids menu. These foods are smaller in size and they are often cheaper.

If that is not possible, consider ordering a half or lunch sized meal.

9. Indulge in a small amount of forbidden foods every now and again. This does not mean eat a whole box of girl scout cookies (my diet un-doer) but rather have just the serving size and hide the box after that.

10. Drink plenty of water with your meal or snack. Often times the water is what your body is really craving, but since thirst is ignored and hunger is satisfied, the body says it is hungry instead of thirsty.

In addition, the water will make you feel more full.

Enjoy these little hints to help you maintain a healthy portion controlled diet. Remember, even if you do not follow a diet, simply by eating less you can lose weight.

These hints can help you do just that.

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