May 19, 2024

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to lose weight. Those reasons may be for the purpose of beauty, lifestyle, or health. However, the weight loss journey itself can be difficult, and it’s even more difficult to stay motivated and carry on.

If you find yourself in a situation where your morale is low, here are some exciting weight loss facts that will get you back on track.

Staying At A Healthy Weight Helps Prevent Diabetes

90% of those diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes are above their ideal weight. Although some people are more at risk than others, Type 2 Diabetes is largely a preventable disease.

Unfortunately once you get the disease, it can be hard to reverse it or keep under control. It’s far easier to start on prevention right now. Your doctor can certainly advise you if you’re at risk from diabetes.

Losing Weight Makes You Look Better

lose poundsBeing overweight can affect your self-esteem – being slim is widely regarded as more attractive. That’s not to say that you aren’t already beautiful, but sometimes your weight plays mindset games with you that make it hard to notice your fabulous attributes!

Start shedding some pounds and you’ll see yourself in a different light, not just because you’re getting into shape, but also because the exercise has a positive mental impact.

Being Lighter Helps You Feel More Energetic

Huffing and puffing as you follow your kids around is certainly not pleasant, and many overweight parents can’t play with their kids the way they wish they could.

Imagine being able to keep up with your kids, playing soccer, jump rope, or going for a bike ride together. Liberating, isn’t it? It will also make you feel more involved in your kids’ lives.

Even if you are not a parent, being able to keep up with your more athletic friends and family members will feel amazing.

It’s a well-known fact that regular exercise improves quality of sleep and, although you’re exerting energy on your workouts, you actually have more energy as a result. For many, the feeling eventually becomes addictive (in a good way!)

Exercise Is a Great Stress Buster

Many people turn to food whenever they are stressed, or even bored, but food is never going to solve your problems. A much better alternative is exercise, which not only burns calories, but also provides you with endorphins that decrease stress and give you a burst of energy.

Of course, you may find it difficult to actually perform the exercise, but once you are done your body will reward you with an overall good feeling. So remember, don’t reach for that cupcake when you are feeling stressed; instead, put on a Zumba DVD and get dancing!

Looking Better On the Outside Can Help You Feel Better On The Inside

Lots of people feel great on the inside once all the unwanted weight slips away. This does not mean that all your problems will be solved once you lose weight. It just means that you will feel more confident with the way you look, and the extra energy you have will make you feel happier and more in control of your life. This may, in turn, affect your outlook of life and make it more positive. This isn’t a certain thing, but it definitely is the experience of many people who have lost weight.

Losing Weight Will Save You Money

french friesSure, there may be hundreds of weight loss products on offer, but the truth is that losing weight can actually save you money. For example, you might start walking or cycling more instead of driving – over the course of the year that’s a lot of petrol money saved! Or you could simply cut down on that weekly fast food meal. Even just a $5 weekly fast food spend adds up to $260 in a year!

Looking at the bigger picture, losing weight and reducing your chances of certain health conditions could save you hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars worth of hospital fees and health insurance payments. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Shedding Those Extra Pounds Will Boost Your Sex Drive

Studies have shown that men with excess weight have lower testosterone levels, which can negatively affect sex drive. For men and women, working out can also help the blood flow more freely to key areas that’ll help you feel more sexual, and feeling more energetic will also boost your libido.

You won’t just feel in the mood more often, either – studies show that those who exercise are more likely to have a satisfying sex life.

Remember, boosting your sex drive is most certainly not about being stick-thin and getting rid of all curves. It’s about maintaining a healthy level of activity that keeps your body systems running smoothly.

Your Healthy Lifestyle Will Positively Influence Others

family beachStudies have shown that healthy people will positively influence those around them, especially their immediate family. Your spouse and children will be more likely to get up and get active if there’s someone showing them how it’s done!

If you have kids, use this to motivate you to be a good example to them. And remember, once your family gets involved, they will also in turn motivate you to keep going. It’s a win-win situation for everybody!

Losing Weight Lowers Your Cholesterol

Paying more attention to your diet in an effort to lose weight can help you lower your cholesterol levels. What does this mean in real terms? It means you’re less likely to suffer from heart attacks and strokes. Narrowing of the arteries due to excess cholesterol can also cause conditions such as angina.

heart healthyIn short, losing weight, eating more healthily and lowering your cholesterol is one of the best ways to prevent a sudden death, because in many cases the first sign of heart disease is your first heart attack.

The healthier you are, the longer your life span, and the greater your chances of living to see all your grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, grow up!

Diet Affects Mental Health

Don’t forget, good physical health is extremely crucial to good mental health, too. Nutrition is extremely important when it comes to mental health, anxiety and depression. By watching your diet and understanding nutrition as part of a weight loss plan, you’ll be preventing or helping to cure mental health issues, too.

Depression can have a huge impact on your weight. For some, it causes you to overeat and it makes it extremely difficult to feel motivated to exercise. For others, it’ll cause excessive weight loss. Neither is good for your physical or mental health, which is why eating healthily and exercising regularly is always a good idea.

Need Even More Motivation? – 3 Bonus Tips

running sunsetHopefully these 10 facts will keep you motivated to lose all the excess “baggage” on your body. There are several things you can do to further keep your motivation alive when you feel it waning:

  1. If you were slim before, put a picture of your slim self on an easy-to-see place to motivate you to return to that weight. If you have been overweight all your life, place a picture of you at your highest weight in the same type of location. This will motivate you to not return to that state, and to make a change.
  1. Tell your friends and family about your weight loss plans so that you can get some support from them, and so that they can hold you accountable to your word. Knowing that you have told people about it will help you stay on track so that you won’t be embarrassed when you fail.
  1. Another great motivation tool is a weight-loss buddy. Having a partner to do workouts and share your frustrations with can keep you focused on your goals and make the journey a little bit easier. You can even split meals with your weight loss buddy to learn to practice portion control.

If there are other things that can help keep you motivated, you can practice those methods as well. Every weight loss journey is different, and it is necessary to adjust your motivational tools accordingly.

Just remember, by losing weight you’ll be boosting your confidence, lowering your health risks and positively impacting those around you. Good luck!

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