May 19, 2024

It seems there are an endless number of loss programs to choose from and it can be hard to pick out the best diets. You do not want to waste time and perhaps money on something that will not work for you. Here are 3 pointers you can use to make sure you are choosing from the best diets when you set out to lose weight.

1. Is It Sustainable?

The first way to know if a diet is any good is to see if allows all types of food groups. Remember the saying ‘everything in moderation’, because a good diet will allow you to eat anything. Yes, that includes burgers and chocolate, it just has to be in moderation with the content evaluated as part of the total plan. Any method that cuts out any food groups in the long term can be pretty much classed as a fad diet, and it is unlikely to be a healthy one.

2. Is It Too Fast?

The second way to assess a potential diet is to look at the speed of loss claimed. Again there is an old adage to remember, which is 2 lb per week. At the beginning of the diet the will come off quicker, but not by vast amounts. Any method claiming to lose you more than 5 lb per week is clearly a diet with not enough calories or nutrients in it, in other words a crash diet.

Some diets have a crash element where you go on a very restricted food plan for the first 7-14 days. After that the diet expands to include more food groups and a higher number of calories. This works for some people because it takes advantage of your high motivation in the beginning to kick start your diet. But there is a danger that you will binge at the end of the first stage.

3. Will You Have Support?

The third way to pick the best diets is to look for some kind of support group. Doing it by yourself makes it unnecessarily harder than it has to be, while having a support group makes it all the easier because you are going through it with other people. You can motivate and help each other with advice and encouragement.

If you just buy a book and follow its advice by yourself, that is fine in the beginning, but there is nobody to help you out when your own motivation begins to falter. Look for either a real life support group or an online forum where people are following the same diet and will have a genuine desire to help you.

So to sum up, if you check that you are allowed to eat all food groups, that the speed of loss claimed is not too high, and that there is a help group in place, you will be well on the way to picking from the best diets and avoiding the bad ones.

1 thought on “3 Ways To Sort The Best Diets From The Worst

  1. Yep, for me it’s all about long-term – if you can’t see yourself sticking with the diet in 6 months time then it’s not right for you – that will help get rid of all those bogus diets and fads – they are just so bad for you!

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