December 2, 2023

Obesity has always been there, especially among people belonging to the upper middle class and of course, the rich people too. More often than not, obesity is the result of overeating and unhealthy eating. It is no wonder that obesity usually thrives in families which are financially well off; these families can afford to eat expensive junk foods and junk foods are what primarily make a person over.

In recent times however, it is noticed that obesity is not just limited to adults. As more and more children fall into the trap of obesity, one wonders whether it is taking the form of an epidemic.

How do children become obese? Well, usually they gain as a result of following poor eating habits. But who teaches those poor eating habits to them? As we know, a child’s mind is like a blank, white paper and whatever you write on it would become his future. In other words, a child’s mind is very influential; he cannot differentiate between good and bad and consequently, takes whatever is taught to him as gospel truth.

Parents have a big role to play in the health of their children. No matter how much they deny it, they are primarily responsible for teenage obesity. Have you ever noticed that obese kids usually have obese parents? It is not just a coincidence. It might be true that the child has inherited obesity from his parents, but it is equally true that the kid became obese because of following the poor eating habits of his parents.

The kid’s parents have probably become obese because of poor, unhealthy eating habits and leading a sedentary lifestyle; so it is likely they would pass on their bad habits to their kids since they don’t know any better.

So rather than trying to make your teenage kids lose when it is too late, it is better to teach healthy eating habits to them right from an early stage so that they never gain in the first place. Here are some ways you can do it:

1. First of all, you need to change your poor eating habits. By following an unhealthy lifestyle, you are not only harming yourself but also your kids. Since kids take their parents as role models, they would follow your eating habits and become obese just like you.

2. Second, it is time to put your parental love on the backburner and become stricter with regards to your kid’s food habits. Children naturally love to eat sweets, candies, cakes, cookies, etc. No matter how much you feed them with healthy foods, they would still pester you for these items.

However, these foods are high on calorie and would make your kids fat. Many parents like to condone the poor eating habits of their kids out of parental love, but in my opinion, such parental love is misdirected for it makes kids obese. It is time you start admonishing your kids for eating junk foods. Remember, your kids’ health is at stake.

3. Thirdly, you should stock your home with organic fruits and vegetables and cook them regularly for yourself and your kids. Far too many parents, either out of laziness or lack of time, don’t cook meals at home; instead, they ask their kids to eat junk foods from outside. If you really believe that your family’s health is your first priority, you would need to cook meals regularly.

Unlike junk and fatty foods, organic foods are rich in vitamins, protein, fats, zinc, calcium, etc., as well as low on calorie. More importantly, they are rich in fiber, which would help keep your kids full for a long time. Remember that when kids are not hungry, they are less likely to gorge on junk foods.

4. Fourth, it is time that you not only stop buying junk foods but also throw away your existing stock of junk foods from your kitchen and refrigerator. Kids are more likely to eat chips and cookies if they are easily available at home.

5. Lastly, encourage your kids to become more active in life, and of course, you should do the same too. Instead of watching video games, PSP or TV, they should go outside and play sports such as basketball, tennis, cricket, etc. These sports would help them burn fat and stay fit. Additionally, if your kids are interested in swimming, dancing, etc., they would be encouraged to indulge in them as well.

Obesity is bad enough, but keep in mind that if you are proactive about it, it is never too late to begin. Also keep in mind that preventing gain is much better than struggling to lose weight.

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