March 5, 2024

I run into lots of people that are looking to lose weight and are looking for one magic tip or weight loss secret. Should they eat lots of protein? Should they exercise 5 hours a day? Should they follow the latest crazy diet?

What is the Biggest Weight Loss Secret……?

There is one magic secret that will help you more than anything else and that is to have weight loss goals. I know everyone has a weight loss goal, in fact that is usually how a diet starts for predicting weight loss fail to account for slowing of metabolism as weight is lost and therefore overestimate the degree of weight loss. While this limitation of the 3500 Calorie per pound rule has been known for some time, it was not clear how to dynamically account for the metabolic slowing.

People pick a number out of the air…I want to lose 10 pounds, or I want to lose 50 pounds. The trouble with focusing on a goal that is based on only weight lost is that you do not succeed or win until you have lost all of the weight.

What you need instead is a real goal. Not just one or two goals but a handful of short and long term goals that have nothing to do with weight only.

Big Weight Loss SecretWhat would you like to be able to do tomorrow? How about eat six good meals? How about drink 8 glasses of water? How about not eating any candy? How about getting some exercise?

What do you want in one month? How about running three blocks non stop? Eating power meals all day? Exercising for an hour every day for a week? How about having YOUR perfect day as you have written it out today?

The most important goals are your short term ones. Don’t forget some long term vision though

What do you want in a year? A marathon under your belt? Riding an exercise bike, or a real bike 100 miles in one day? Going along the same vein how about riding 1000 miles in the next six months.

I have tried to give a few ideas here of real fitness goals but of course it is up to you to come up with a few of your own.

Last Christmas I did a full blown Goal Setting post but at this time of year it would be good to just get a few goals together to get you through the rest of the year and then you can reset more then.

15 thoughts on “A Big Weight Loss Secret

  1. The one tip I can give is don’t look for a magic fix. You need to do a few little things consistently and take up habits that you can sustain. Having a goal is so important but break the ultimate goal into daily and weekly goals. If you have a lot of to lose make sure you increase the amount of exercise you do – even just a little bit.. Remember things like dancing are fun and increase your fitness and if you can enjoy it you will stick to it!

  2. I am 12 but my grandmother took my scale (She Said It Made My Bathroom Look Bad!) so I will have to say based on my last recorded , I weigh 186! People say I am skinny but I have a 45 inch stomach
    that jets 3 inches out and man boobs! How do they expect me to believe that! I have Dieted and cut out fast food and soda and candy! I work out two hours a day and walk 3 miles to! They Got Me On Crazy Medication Because They Said I was Stressing and not over at all! But The Medicine Made Me gain 50 pounds and made me feel even worse! The Doctors Do Not know what they are talking about! They Say I am Skinny! And I am not losing anything!

  3. I think the healthy way to go is to concentrate more on the effects on your inner self . . . . organs and arteries. . . . . . that anything you put in your mouth, is having.
    Get rid of the white flour and sugar, bad fats and most of all salt! Salt is killing us all .Stop eating all that processed “stuff”, that some people call food, and start going for real food.

    Before I eat anything, I visualize what it will do to me. Of course, you also have to get moving.

    I’ve lost 30 lbs in the last 5 mos just doing this, and my body is thanking me for it.

    Just the thought of cancer, heart disease and diabetes should be enough to motivate us all.

    Death by fork is the plague of the present.

  4. I’m 18 and I 240 I was real active in sports in high school. But I’m out so its a little hard to loose it. But anyways I’m goin to basic for the army and I need to loose 10 pounds or so any suggestions on how by the end of feb.

  5. Kids,
    First, be careful where you get your idea of whether or not your is healthy. Our culture has some pretty unrealistic standards plastered on every movie, tv show and magazine you read. Next, ask your family doctor if your and fat mass fall within a healthy range.

    If it does, relax and focus on developing healthy eating and exercise habits. Mamapina has some great tips above. If your and fat mass does not fall within healthy range, then make one change per week to the unhealthy habits you have. For example, week 1, start exercising 30 minutes every day (for at least 6 days a week). Week 2, cut out something unhealthy you have frequently (fast food, soda…etc). Take it slow and make those changes one at a time.

    Healthy habits mean a lifelong commitment to making good choices….one choice at a time. 😀 All the best to each of you!

    PS. If your parents have poor eating and exercise habits, ask them to join you. But even if they don’t, they won’t be living your lives for you…you have to make the commitment for yourself!

  6. for all kids listed above.
    easy things you can do without:
    soda with sugar
    fast food
    candy (yes chocolate)
    and walk at least 30 minutes every day
    I was very over as a kid and this is how I did it.
    when I was really hungry I drank a ton of water and chewed sugar free gum.
    I ate a lot of beans. High protein helps.
    You must ban soda, candy, junkfood, and fastfood.
    There are plenty of alternative snack foods that taste great.
    I give them to my 7 and 11 year olds.
    Also even diet soda tends to trigger bad eating habits. (eg. fastfood meals)drink flavored diet tea:)

  7. i have something else too say! i was 194 pounds so now i am 185.5 like i said on the top, my birthday is next month in the middle , and i really want to losse on my stomach and my arms and i want to tightin my thighs. I NEED NUTRITION TIPS AND EXERCISE TIPS PLEASE !

  8. i am 16 years old and i weigh 185.5 pounds since i started noticing i needed to lose is when i was 14 . i always wanted to be wearing a 2 peice bathing suit, instead of a shirt and shorts. I want to loose my stomach and tightin my thighs and i HATEE my big arms. i go to the gym with my sister but sometimes she has work and i never have a ride to get there. i am so determined to loose my wieght. And i really need to losse the for my sisters wedding , i am walkin in it too. PLEASEEE ! HELP ME !

  9. im 11 years old and i way 140 pounds my friends say im not overweght but i think i am even my brother says so!! WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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