February 28, 2024

Focus your abdominal workouts on all the right areas with the Ab Lounge Ultra, a comfortable, effective ab machine for people of all fitness levels. The Ab Lounge Ultra offers a unique ergonomic design that helps support your head, neck, and back, so you won’t put undue pressure on the wrong areas while performing your abdominal exercises.

The Focus Strap and Iso-Grip padded handles, meanwhile, support multiple hand positions depending on which exercise you’re performing. And thanks to the rolled steel frame, the unit easily supports up to 250 pounds.

Other details include a premium mesh seat material, a foldable footprint for easy storage, handy foot pedals, and a workout DVD. The Ab Lounge Ultra is backed by a 90-day limited warranty.(more…)

Review of the Ab Lounge Ultra

This product is well designed and constructed. I love it. The design allows one to arch his/her back (like doing a “bridge” stretch) while crunching to further isolate the muscle group and provide a more effective work out. And working the obliques is easy as turning slightly to one side, giving a surprisingly effective workout. And it folds up into a compact configuration for easy storage. The dark gray mesh looks much better than the blue fabric used on the standard model.

LOOKING TO LOSE THAT BELLY FAT?: Sorry, that’s not what this machine is for. It will strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles UNDERNEATH any fat residing over the area. Walking, in my opinion, is the easiest way to lose belly fat. I’ve seen people lose an incredible amount of in one year just by walking 30-60 minutes a day and taking it easy on the food binging.

WARNING: Careful with lubricants! Two months after I got this, it started to squeak a little. I sprayed all the mechanical joints with WD40 and OOPS, the frame pivot joints use LOCKNUTS (secured internally by a polymer sleeve). Now, one of them won’t stay locked any more and will work itself loose if not locked down some other way. I couldn’t find a suitable replacement part at the local Home Depot so I jury-rigged it and it stays put now.

The Ab Lounger was one of 2009’s hottest ab workout machines, but as we found, it really wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The max capacity is 250lbs, so heavier users would not benefit from this machine. The machine is supposedly fold able and easily stored, but it’s only marginally less bulky when folded.

Total setup took ~1/2 hour from opening the box through reading enough of the manual to try things. Tools for setup are included, though the unit is about 90% pre-assembled, and it’s about as simple as can be realistically to finalize. Put in and tighten four screws/bolts to hold two small stability bars in place, insert and screw in handles, hook in the two elastic cords and you’re done.

Construction quality is a *LOT* higher than I expected for the price. The unit seems to be pretty gosh darn well built overall, and not at all what I expected for online/ infomercial-esque equipment. Do note that there are some slight differences (like hand strap instead of metal bar) compared to the AbLounge Ultimate advertised on TV (which goes for about 2x the price). Curved hand bars on the sides wobble *ever* so slightly since they attach separately, but are fine since they don’t come into play during repetitions/use beyond getting on and off.

Price of the Ab Longer is 289.99

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