April 25, 2024


billpic.jpgI am Bill and have been a fitness guy working out in one form or another all my life. I played competitive tennis as well as some track (high jump), swimming, and gymnastics when I was young and then lots of biking and lifting as I got older.

I used to smoke, I used to drink too much and was at one time weighing in at 235 pounds although I am now a slimmer 195 and could probably lose 10 more pounds or so even with my active lifestyle and thankfully fast metabolism.

I eat too much chocolate, a can of coke a day and everything good as well as taking lots of vitamins. I bug my wife that I have a great diet plus I eat a lot of junk.

As a blogger I started this blog three years or so ago to give back to the internet. I originally wanted to write 30 posts about what people could do to get in better shape but it has already turned into nearly 1000 posts and I never want to stop. I also run a bunch of other blogs but this one is my favorite as I seem to learn a lot more writing it than I ever thought I would.

I have a family, a wife Michelle (a lifelong Weight Watcher) and a daughter Taylor and son Jaiden, we used to have fish but now we have  cat and two dogs and live in Airdrie, Alberta which is just North of  Calgary where we have lived for about 5 years.

One thing that it is important to disclose here is the fact that I have put some product reviews here on the blog and for that I receive a commission for each sale. This money helps to pay for this site but as you can probably tell from the comments on those posts I only review products that I like (maybe I should also put some ones that I hate as well?) but my goal with the blog is to do more to help as many people as possible. I hope that this blog does make a difference in your life!