April 24, 2024

I have recently started taking more B vitamins. As you probably know Vitamin B is important as an antioxidant as well as a great stress reliever.

Most “Stress Buster” pills are a combination of B and C vitamins.

This article by B. Smithers really gives us a good idea why we needVitamin B supplemented in our diet.

Why does your body need B12 and where can you find natural sources of B12?

A person needs two micrograms of Vitamin B12 every day for the following purposes:

Why Do We Need Vitamin B12

benefits of vitamin b12Red blood cells synthesis– Vitamin B12 is an important factor in red blood cell formation (particularly in the production of DNA).

Failure to meet the B12 requirement can result to anemia. However, folic acid can remedy this problem (although excessive intake of folic acid can trigger the effects of such deficiency).

Development and maintenance of the Nervous system– Myelin is an important component and protecting sheath of the nerves and Vitamin B12 helps in myelin maintenance through the sustenance of fatty acids.

Growth and development– Lack of Vitamin B12 can impede the development not only of the nerves but also the whole bodies systems.

Regulating Sleep Cycles– B12 is used in regulating the cycles and sleeping and waking up through a substance called melatonin so a B12 deficiency can possibly affect sleeping patterns.

Avoidance of Alzheimer’s dementia– the most damaging effects of B12 deficiency is damage to the brain and the nervous system.

Where to Get Vitamin B12

vitamin b12 sourcesVitamin B12 is primarily found in dairy products, meat and eggs. Here are some more foods that contain Vitamin B12 – Liver – Mollusks – Salmon, Tuna and Trout – Beef (the sirloin part) – Tacos and Cheeseburger – Yogurt

Research shows that there is a possibility of sourcing Vitamin B12 from plants, seaweeds and soya products.

However, a closer study showed that there is no significant B12 content from these sources.

Nori (the same green seaweed used in wrapping sushi) showed significant levels of B12 but it was attributed to compounds that are similar to B12 in terms of structure.

Incidentally, vegetarians lack the necessary daily Vitamin B12 requirement because they don’t eat meat products. Thus, they can meet their B12 requirement from supplements.

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