March 5, 2024

Do you love bananas? If you love bananas and are struggling to lose weight, I have good news for you… maybe.

There is a diet program which would let you lose weight with the help of bananas. It is known as the banana diet. You see, bananas are touted as one of most nutritious fruits ever, and you would be surprised to know that the banana diet is not a new fad.

It has been around for decades under various names and forms. So let’s head over to discuss how many bananas you need to eat daily for weight loss.

How Does the Banana Diet Work?

Well, according to the diet program, you need to eat two bananas each before breakfast as well as before lunch. After that, you can have just one banana a little before dinner. That is about 5 bananas you could eat per day.banana

And if you have a habit of eating at late nights, you would be gravely disappointed, for the banana diet doesn’t allow you to eat even a morsel after 8 pm. It is a good thing really. If you eat something late at night and go to bed a little later, your body is unable to digest the food and turn it into energy.

Naturally, it would deposit the undigested food as fat, thereby making you fatter than before.

Now the good and bad things about the banana diet.

The good thing is that it focuses on a nutritious fruit called banana for weight loss. In case you don’t know it already, banana is rich in potassium and fiber content.

Fiber would keep you full for a considerable time; that way, you are able to suppress your appetite (and by implication, your appetite for junk foods as well) and lose easily. At least, that is how the makers of the banana diet envisioned the whole process.

However, no good diet is without some cons, and the banana diet is no exception in this regard. The bad thing about this diet is that it doesn’t dictate your food choices in any way.

The only stipulation it has is that – regardless of whatever you eat, you must eat banana before anything else.

Does that mean that if you eat brandy, soda, potatoes, chips, cookies, burgers etc. after eating banana, you would lose weight? Nope. Eating junk foods after having banana would be of no use.

Keep in mind that bananas don’t help you burn fat; rather, they suppress your appetite, so that you feel less hungry than usual. You still need to make wise food choices.

This is an area in which the banana diet leaves you on your own. I would suggest that apart from bananas, you eat nothing except nuts, whole grains, natural vegetables, raw fruits, fishes, chicken, eggs, etc. They are all good foods, in that they not only provide the necessary nutrition to your body but also keep your overall calorie intake at a low level.

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  1. Would Banana Pudding count as one Banana serving? Or do I have to eat the raw fruit to use this diet?

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