March 5, 2024

Well it is that time of the year again. The fall 2013 season of the Biggest Loser is starting up tomorrow night and there are some changes in store.

Again this season we will have three trainers, Dolvett Quince, Jillian Michaels, and Bob Harper. We will have to see tomorrow how they break up the teams but I am sure just in past seasons that we will have excitement and some new twists.

Ruben Studdard Biggest Loser 2013
Ruben Studdard Biggest Loser 2013

One of the biggest promos that they have showed is that past winner of American Idol Ruben Studdard at 462 pounds is going to be getting his second shot at reality TV fame. It is going to be interesting to see how star struck and nervous about Ruben the rest of the Biggest Loser contestants are.

Planet Fitness is going to be the equipment host for the third season in a row and it sounds like we are going to see more in-episode product placements from Subway and likely an Extra Chewing gum plug or two from Bob Harper.

Also, I hear that this season the episodes will be dropped from 2 hours each to just one hour. I hope that this is indeed true as after watching week after week you get exhausted with the long show, terrible editing, and lengthy recaps after every commercial break.

What is Wrong with Biggest Loser?

I have been surfing around looking at what other blogs are saying about Biggest Loser and trying to get some kind of inside scoop.

I did find one really dissenting article from the AV Club site which tried to say that the Biggest Loser is terrible for people but after watching so many seasons of the show I am still inspired by it.

I find one thing true though and that is the fact that there is crazy pressure for TV sake to have the people try to lose 20 or 30 pounds a week which is incredibly unhealthy and I sometimes find the best real success for the contestants is when they are at home and struggling to balance life, family, and loss in a more healthy setting.

Are you going to be tuning in to the Biggest Loser tomorrow? Do you ever watch the show even? I know that our house will be tuned in and I look forward to posting my views on the start of the season once the show is over.

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