May 24, 2024

I had no idea but just read an article about Bill Clinton and how he switched to a vegan lifestyle.

bill-clintonI am not sure how much you have noticed or if it is just the people and blogs and facebook people I see but it seems like being a vegan is not nearly as crazy as it used to seem.

I remember as a kid people would be vegetarians, mainly just not eating meat or fish, and I used to think of it as unhealthy and very fringe lifestyle. But now, veganism abounds. We have a vegan cookbook at home and the foods, although a little strange, seem to be really good.

Not sure if I am ready to go vegan anytime soon but the whole idea of eating a cleaner diet is very tempting. I still have a lot of room to move in my diet right now. I take in a bit too much fat, I eat some processed foods every single day, I drink coffee, and I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

I really believe that people that are eating a vegan meal plan are on the right track as far as getting healthy goes. There are a lot of problems with North American cattle and chicken farming and the unhealthy additives, steroids, and unclean conditions of having so many animals in a cramped area to bring down fast food prices.

On the other hand I do still have a lot of problem with giving up chicken burgers, steaks, and hamburgers.

I guess just trying a few vegan dishes and cleaning up my diet is the best bet for me right now.

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