April 25, 2024

Calorie burning exercises are all around us and we need to look at the best way to use our time to burn the calories from the food that we eat.

For an individual who is over, exercising to lose that is one of the most rewarding activities you will ever embark upon.  However, there are literally thousands of activities you can do to burn calories.

Don’t think that it is just your workout that is burning calories as there are many calorie burning exercises and activities.

What Calorie Burning Exercises do You Choose?

Calorie burning exercises
Calorie burning exercises with Stationary Bike

It can be intimidating, to say the least, wondering where to start with such a varied array of exercises.  There are certain activities, though, that can take calorie burning to a whole different level. Listed below are the top X ways to burn calories (note: number of calories burned per activity assume a body of 150 pounds and exercise time of 30 minutes).

These activities can be split up into three general groups: Gym activities, training and sports activities, and daily life activities.

The top gym activities for burning calories

  • Vigorously riding a stationary bicycle — 358 calories
  • Step aerobics using a ten to twelve inch step — 341 calories
  • Stairstep machine without using the hand rails — 307 calories
  • Vigorously using a stationary rowing machine — 289 calories
  • Step aerobics using a six to eight inch step — 289 calories
  • General vigorous calisthenics — 273 calories
  • Using an elliptical trainer — 245 calories

The top training and sports activities for burning calories

  • Running at ten mph — 545 calories
  • Bicycle lane at twenty miles an hour — 545 calories
  • Rollerblading — 426 calories
  • Bicycling at sixteen to nineteen miles an hour — 409 calories
  • Running at seven miles an hour — 392 calories
  • Bicycling at fifteen miles an hour — 341 calories
  • Vigorously swimming laps — 341 calories
  • Practicing Martial Arts — 341 calories
  • Running at five miles an hours — 307 calories
  • Playing competetive football — 307 calories
  • BMX or mountain biking — 290 calories
  • Vigorously downhill skiing — 282 calories

The top daily life activities for burning calories

group exercise

  • Moving household furniture — 205 calories
  • Shoveling snow — 205 calories
  • Mowing lawn with a push mower — 187 calories
  • Digging dirt — 170 calories
  • Hanging storm windows — 170 calories
  • Caulking windows — 153 calories
  • Playing moderately active child games — 136 calories
  • Bathing your dog — 119 calories
  • Vacuuming — 119 calories
  • Washing your car — 102 calories
  • Reading a book — 34 calories
  • Sleeping — 31 calories

As you can see, there are a number of activities which can be employed to lose weight.  The most effective exercises may not be a surprise to you — running, bicycling, and step aerobics are at the top.

But you may have been surprised to read that you can burn 136 calories just by playing with the child for a half hour.  By using this list you will be able to custom tailor your workout routine to your exact needs.

8 thoughts on “Calorie burning exercises

  1. Ellipticals don’t work for me at all due to my stature. To bulky for my height and where is swimming olympic style? It should be it the thousands, NOT hundreds! I should be burning off thousands of calories!

  2. What’s up?. Thanks for the info. I’ve been digging around for info, but there is so much out there. Yahoo lead me here – good for you i guess! Keep up the good work. I will be coming back over here in a few days to see if there is updated posts.

  3. Wow, even by reading a book you burn 34 calories. This is really helpful especially for those who don’t have time for workouts, like me. I also like the fridge thing hj112! hehe

  4. This list is very useful. It could be a great thing to print this and to put on my fridge. Think that having the exact numbers in front of my eyes would make me more persistent in my physical activities!

  5. Burning calories along with a healthy diet is the best way to lose . It takes 3,500 calories to burn off just one pound. Reducing the calories eaten is part of the answer, but exercise can help burn off more calories. A great side benefit of exercise is that it helps boast metabolism, which in turn burns more calories. If you’re not sure what exercise will get you the most bang for you sweat, take a look at the following steps and suggested exercises.

  6. I also use an elliptical as my choice of exercise…I love it. I do change up with jogging when I can. I bought mine a year ago and i am still not bored of it…I do have a treadmill but don’t use it at all.

  7. I like our elliptical trainer as well. The movement feels nice and I really build up a sweat on it. My knees are crap so I find it saves my legs because it is low impact.

  8. The elliptical is my choice. It always out performs everything else for me besides running, but I’m not much of a fan of the treadmill

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