December 7, 2023

I know most people outside of Canada will not really care about how fat or not different areas of Canada are but there is a new overness article that I found on MSN. In the morning I boot up the laptop and sign into MSN Messenger and it pops up a little box with some news stories. One of the stories today was about what area and cities of Canada have the most over and obese people. Here is a quote:

Ten years ago, smoking was the national epidemic that had the country talking. Across Canada, anti-smoking campaigns were being implemented. The bar and restaurant industry began to prohibit smoking indoors, and cigarette companies were dropped from sporting events as lead sponsors.

Fast forward to 2008, there is a new national concern, – a more silent, yet equally as deadly epidemic – obesity. Although smoking remains the number one preventable cause of death among Canadians, obesity is a close second. By now, the majority of us are aware of the hazards which extra fat can cause, so why are more than half of Canadians either over or obese? According to Statistics Canada, a shocking 59 per cent of Canadians are currently over or obese – that’s almost 6 in 10 adults who carry around extra every day.

Although the number of Canucks who are over or obese is high, some communities are on the right path to a healthier lifestyle – and smaller pant size. We’ve got the lowdown on Canada’s fittest and fattest cities – how do you measure up?

The article is interesting although it does not list my chosen home of Calgary. There is also the BMI info that we are so use to seeing in one of these articles. Have I mentioned enough times how much I hate the inaccuracy of BMI calculations?

There is probably the same kind of info for US cities but I have not seen it myself. The shocking thing about this article is that the number of people in Canada looks to be well over 60% of the entire population.

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  1. Hi

    I’m in Grade 7 and am doing a speech on Obesity and processed foods.

    Our society is insane and fast foods restaurants, lack of exercise doesn’t help either.

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