May 24, 2024

Lets say that you wanted to lose and instead of counting your calories every meals and watching your BMI and exercising at exactly 7:35 in the morning you decided instead that everyday you would try to add one more thing to your life that would make you healthier.

What kind of change would this make in your life?

Lets look at a list of what you could add each day that could make a big difference over time and especially compounded over time:

  • One less pop a day
  • One less chocolate bar a day
  • One more piece of fruit
  • One less car trip to the corner store or mailbox
  • A better Breakfast
  • Eating a really great for you snack
  • Thinking about how much better you are today to your body than you were last year
  • Stretching when you wake up
  • Actually drinking those 8 glasses of water that you say you are already drinking
  • Turning down that donut
  • Drinking one less cup of coffee in the morning…or evening?
  • Finding a fun hobby that you can do once a week with some other people
  • Committing to some more exercise each day
  • Cutting out a sugary treat in the evening

Now this is far from being an exhaustive list but it is instead a great starting point to doing some really big change. I remember more than a year ago writing a post about asking yourself little questions and making big changes in your life by just changing little things all the time and I am convinced that this is a far better way to make change than giving up and joining a gym, with that kind of an attitude going in you are not there for the excitement and fun and will never stick with it.

Commit yourself today to make a change in your life every day for the next 7 days. It will change your life.

3 thoughts on “Changing Your Life One Day at a Time

  1. I’m all for this. Our fitness goals, like any other, depend to a large extent on the attitude with which we tackle them. A series of small steps that let us see we’re making progress is far more empowering than focusing solely on a distant goal somewhere beyond a far horizon, and will therefore get us there much faster.

    I especially like the ones about breakfast (gives you energy and stops you feeling hungry in mid-morning), thinking of how much progress you’ve already made (puts you in the frame of mind to make much more), stretching when you wake up (best to get out of bed first, or at least make sure you’re lying straight – I once unthinkingly did that in the curled-up position that I’d wakened in, and pulled a muscle!), a fun hobby (there’s nothing so empowering as feeling happy) and exercise (it’s amazing how much energy it gives you!).

    This post has great advice – it’s practical and shows some easy ways to make real progress, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone with control or health and fitness goals.

  2. Great tips! I especially like number one. It’s easy to drink too much soda – I know firsthand. But once I cut my consumption, I started to feel better – less acne, more natural energy, etc.

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