December 10, 2023

Food cravings are every dieters nightmare. There are very few times that you will be on a diet and not be tempted at least a little bit by the foods that you see and memories of fatting foods that just drift into your mind from nowhere. I had a craving for greasy fish and chips from the beach after smelling the food in the office one day, the craving did not make any sense after I tracked down the food and found that it was actually fried ginger beef, your mind definitely plays tricks on you sometimes. Stopping food cravings will go a long way to controlling all of your eating.

Stopping Food Cravings

Eat at the same times everyday

It is important for you to set a stable eating cycle so that your body knows when to expect food. I know that I am very regimented during the week in my eating but on the weekend I get affected by food cravings because I am not eating according to schedule and my body does not trust that I will be eating when it expects food.

Eat small meals multiple times a day

Stopping food cravings
Stopping food cravings

One of the best things that you can do for your body is to keep your blood sugar even and the best way to keep a nice balanced blood sugar level is to eat smaller meals often.

Your blood sugar level is a big factor in food cravings because your brain notices the fluctuations in hormones and blood sugar even if you are not really in tune to it. Yo ucan imageinhow this one tip can stop your food cravings almost completely

Don’t starve yourself, don’t eat large

Again any time that you have the option to skip a meal or an option to go to a buffet don’t! These two actions are two ends of the spectrum. If you do not eat a meal then your body will crave foods until you eat and then when you do in fact eat you will tend to overeat.

If you have a giant meal, lets say for lunch then you will end up not eating dinner, maybe snack as a food craving fix in the evening or then not eat at all until breakfast the next day. This causes wide swings in your blood sugar and this is not only unhealthy but will also cause your body to start storing food as fat while thinking that it in danger of starvation.

Know your times of food cravings and take control of them

Most people have down times where they crave chocolate, pop, or chips and these times you should be able to identify. If you are going to a movie you may know that you are going to be craving popcorn, when you are sitting down to watch TV you know that you will be looking for a snack.

You can stop these food cravings by knowing ahead of time how you will deal with them or at least have a coping mechanism so that you do not succumb to bad binging in these time of food cravings.

Is this all you need to stop food cravings?

People pride themselves with using self control to fix their problems but in this case you have a plan of action to stop food cravings. Yes, by using these tips and lifestyle ideas you should help in stopping food cravings or at the very least reducing them and know exactly when they will hit and stop those cravings in their tracks.

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  1. great tips, i have tried my best to try these tips and as i tend to eat at all different times of the day, and have noticed a difference in the past it’s just hard sometimes when you are to busy to eat at the same time. but very good post and does make a big difference to how you feel.

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