April 25, 2024

I love the Diet Blog and just had to post this story from where I saw the end of it first.

Dr Phil Pays Out $10 Million.

If you remember Dr Phil after selling a few diet books that I believe did offer value, although it looked like he was really taking advantage of the market (optics, what else do we have to go on?) was sued about supplements and now settled.

I said then and I say now that I do think that Dr Phil does mean well although his attitude about “It’s all your fault” wore on me a long time ago. The issue here is not really Dr Phil and his diet or that he was pushing crappy supplements himself but I think the story should really be about supplements in general.

I take some vitamins and when I am working out hard I take in some Creatine and extra protein, but I keep seeing these diets and programs that mandate that you buy their product and it’s magic % or 6 dollar meal replacemnt drinks. Have you seen how much a big tub of protein powder that is not brand name costs?

I have read Body for Life by Bill Phillips many times and there is a lot that I like about the book but at the same time Bill Phillips does push his brand of supplements a lot in his book and he is not the first or last to do this. I think the best thing that a person could do for themselves is to learn everything that they need to about health and fitness and then go out and decide about supplements away from the guys that are promoting both exercise and supplements

Anyway I guess Dr Phil had what was coming and maybe some of the other guys that try to push supplements will think twice before offering miracles that the products can not deliver

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