December 10, 2023

DynaFlex International, makers of the patented fitness gyroscopes, has announced a new hand-held device it claims will shake the fitness industry to its core.

Called the DynaMax Core Trainer, this futuristic looking machine is designed to deliver a powerful upper body and core training workout in only 5 minutes a day.

dynamaxfitness‘Just pull the easy starter cord to activate the DynaMax, and hold on for the gyroscopic ride of your life,’ says Dana Cynaumon, company spokesman.

‘The reactions we hear from people using DynaMax for the first time range from ‘WOW, AMAZING and AWESOME¦’ to a few words we can’t print here.

Form the instant DynaMax is activated, you can feel the dynamic resistance building from the product’s internal gyroscope. According, people are ˜blown away’ that a machine weighing only 3 pounds can generate up to 8,000 RPMs, while producing up to 200 pounds of resistance.’

The DynaMax features variable body sculpting resistance so people can workout at their own pace.

‘The faster you get the internal gyroscope spinning¦ the more resistance you experience. We are finding that people are skipping their usual trip to the fitness center in favor of staying home to use the DynaMax.’

And as if getting a great upper body workout isn’t enough, the DynaMax also lights up.

‘The faster the DynaMax Gyro spins, the more spectacular the LED light show. It is visually motivating and stimulating, because not only do people feel themselves getting stronger and healthier they can see their progress as well,’ says Cynaumon.

The DynaMax was designed to replace many free exercises, while providing a powerful upper body and core workout.

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