April 21, 2024

I think I may have covered this before but I am struggling with my eating this week as I am on a short business trip.

Yesterday I started my eating easily enough and left town before lunch to do some computer work in Winnipeg. I didn’t eat again until almost 9:30 at night and even then it was chicken strips at the hotel lounge (high protein, low carbs, still does not make up for the grease).

Today I tried to get back on track but with an empty backpack I had a breakfast bagel at the Winnipeg airport , a sandwich at lunch and Tim Hortons chili and a bun for dinner in London Ontario, but, missing were all of the snacks that keep my metabolism up, at least I got some exercise today.

Getting out of your schedule is always difficult as you may be able to eat, you may be able to exercise but getting that rhythm thrown off will usually force you to sacrifice doing what you should be.

Don’t be like me, plan your days even when out of town. I may not be able to bring liquids on the plane because of airport security but I could have easily brought food and made a plan for what I would buy when. Also it is pretty easy to buy lots of water at your destination (like I did in Disneyland a couple weeks back) and protein bars do not take much room and are a great way to get between meal snacks in.

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