April 24, 2024

Position: A standing position with the feet fairly wide apart and the knees straight. The barbell is held across the shoulders, behind the neck.

Action: From this position, keeping the knees locked, the trunk is inclined forward until it is parallel with the floor, then returned to the upright position. The head is kept up as the body is bent forward and raised, to aid in the contraction of the back muscles.

Breathing: Exhale as the trunk is inclined forward and inhale as the erect position is regained.

Results: This motion will strengthen all the muscles of the back, from the hips to the skull. It will aid in developing and maintaining erect posture without muscle fatigue. It aids materially in holding the shoulders back and the head up.

These back muscles are meant to be very strong. They originate on the pelvic bones and sacral vertebrae and ascend the back in branches up to the base of the skull. They have a variety of attachments, making them very strong in action. It is very important that these muscles be developed and strengthened in the growing child.

Many pains, discomforts and disabilities have their origins in a weak lower back because of poor tone and development in these muscles.

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