April 21, 2024

tracey_mallett.jpgWell the title is a bit of an exaggeration, but there is a new fitness program based around getting exercise in 6 minute bursts. I kind of think of this as a exercise program that takes place between TV commerical breaks but it is interesting anyway.

Fitness pro Tracey Mallet devised “Sexy in 6”: Six weeks of six-minute exercise sessions throughout the day.

“Short blasts of energy, short blasts of workout you can do between your upper body and lower body,”

Combining cardio, strength, Pilates, and yoga for interval cross-training.

“No down time, so it’s easy fun and you burn more calories and the after burn is so much greater,” says Mallett.

According to Mallett’s data, 90 women worldwide tried the six-week format with impressive results.

“I lost 12 pounds and more important I lost inches, around my hips and waist and I went down two dress sizes,” says Liz Price.

“I lost between 10-12 pounds in the first week that I did it, but more importantly I lost inches,” says Jennifer Thibault.

Both women love the outcome but initially struggled with the food plan, which focuses on healthy fat, fibrous carbohydrates and lean protein — eating every three hours to rev metabolism.

As I have posted about before, my latest exercise program takes place in a short very intence burst of weights, circuit training, but the results are pretty good for getting in shape anyway. If you want to know more about this you can go to Tracys website.

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