March 28, 2023

HalloweenWell it is Halloween and my kids are almost bouncing off the walls in excitement of tonight and getting candy. It seems to me like there has already been three days of candy with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this year being a Halloween weekend.

For kids today is kinda the day but for adults this weekend was full of parties, drinking, eating, and of course Halloween candy with lots of my friends (both off and online) getting to dress up and go to parties.

So today is the end and tomorrow is the first day after. What are you plans to get yourself in better shape now. You kinwo in the US it is only three weeks to Thanksgiving and then Christmas not far past that.

I am not trying to be a hard ass here but…

Today or tomorrow are the days that you really have to make the decision to keep on track or at least get on track or the 10 or 20 pounds that you fight with every January will be back again this coming year. Make the changes now so that you will be getting healthier in the next couple of months  instead of losing your health.

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