September 28, 2023

You train for few years, but if you are looking for hard gainer tips when you look in the mirror you will still look the same. You are asking yourself: “What is wrong with me?”

Your friends you give hard gainer tips might ask you why you are not gaining any muscles even though you work out a lot.

Hard Gainer Tips
Hard Gainer Tips

You are still the same skinny guy who has been made fun of at the high school. Maybe you had nickname like “Skeletor”, “Bones” or “Twiggy”.

Maybe that was what got you into working out. Your goal was to have masculine attractive look and to be more confident.

You are trying to find the solution. You have already subscribed to all the fitness “gurus”, bought bodybuilding magazines and asked for help the big guys in the gym.

But you are still getting the same answers over and over again:

  1. High protein diet
  2. Six meals with protein per day
  3. Focus on nutrition and supplements
  4. Train at least 7 times per day

And now you are desperate. You may believe that there is something wrong with you. And you may even think that you cannot have the masculine body, but you are dead wrong!

If you will follow advice of most of the gurus and so called “experts” out there, you will most likely end up over trained and overeating. And in the best case scenario you will be disappointed.

Forgot everything you have ever heard about muscle building.

Big Hard Gainer Tips

What you need is a good workout plan that specifically focuses on building a desirable look. I’ve come up with a system that I call The Muscle Pyramid. The main idea of it is, that you need to train the muscles in order of importance.

Let me explain:

Not every look you can build in a gym is attractive. If you will be the biggest guy in the gym you won’t be considered attractive by women. Nobody cares if you are lifting 400lbs on bench press or if you have the biggest bicep in the town.

So how the most attractive body looks like?

  1. Wide shoulders,
  2. V-Torso,
  3. Masculine chest,
  4. and lean waist.

Once you build massive shoulders and the V-shape it will create an illusion that you are much bigger than you really are.

If you don’t believe me look at all those women’s idols. Do they look like professional bodybuilders? Of course not. If you look at their bodies you will find the attributes described above.

Building muscles takes time, so don’t expect to change overnight.

Have you ever wanted to get complimented on your looks by others every single day? Having girls making excuses to touching you? Or just being more confident in your own skin? How about building a specific look that is the most attractive?

I spent a good few years researching muscle growth and physical attraction and the results were just stunning. In my workouts, I’ll let you in on some secrets to building an irresistible body that women just can’t keep their hands of.

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