April 24, 2024

I had never known that Heidi Klum was a runner but she is sponsoring a Run for Summer where you can watch and participate in tracking your running compared to the supermodel Heidi Klum.

Learn more about the summer run here: http://heidiklum.aol.com/category/summer-run/, and here are some of the tips that helped Heidi get in incredible shape.

Heidi Klum Running Tips

1. Run with a Buddy – This really sunk in this weekend. When I don’t have to go to work, its so much easier to hit snooze on the alarm or hang out with the kids in our pajamas. I had friends to run with both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. I couldn’t leave them hanging at 7am so had to get up!

2. Set a Goal – When I start running in the summer, I can’t just jump into running the whole way! I set goals for myself. For example, I start by running a mile and walk a mile or run two miles and walk half a mile building up as time goes. If you are running on the street go one mailbox or one house further the each day. Helps to build up your endurance!

3. Wear Good Clothes – I think its fun to dress up for my work-out at least a little bit. When you look good, you feel good. It’s the same as dressing up for anything else.

4. Stretch Before and After – It’s such an easy step to skip but so important! I wasn’t always a big believer but it actually makes a huge difference before and after my workout. Stretching also helps with soreness the next day.

5. Breath Out Loud – I know it sounds crazy but you have to remember to breathe! Sometimes, when I’m working hard, I tend to hold my  breath. Breathing out loud is a constant struggle for me! But again, it makes a big difference and helps you keep going!

These are great tips for anyone getting started running. If you have just started running or would like to start ask some of your fellow coworkers or friends that are runners what they do to be successful.

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