September 28, 2023

The swine flu, H1N1, is getting ready to strike full force. As more and more people grow careless, the virus spreads its evil tentacles and prepares to launch a frightening pandemic that threatens to cause severe social, health and economic consequences.

This particular strain of virus is concerning health care professionals because of its behavior. Not only is this a new strain against which most bodies are not prepared to fight, but the virus has continued to grow during the summer, when influenza viruses are supposed to lie dormant. Doctors are concerned with a viral boom when the climate is appropriate for its propagation and children’s summer break ends and the return to school halls, the perfect spreading vehicle for the virus.

And while countless people wait in line for their chance to take the flu shot, the medical profession is unarmed to fight against this virus. If you are infected, all doctors can do is help your body, they cannot kill the virus directly. Instead, the best action is to prevent the virus from spreading, which can only be done if each and every single person collaborates. That means you. If you want to avoid the flu, the best way is help stopping it.

Don’t forget that you have an obligation towards society even if you choose to ignore your own safety. If you don’t follow prevention recommendations it is not only your health that you are putting at risk but everyone else’s. In today’s world, filled with airplanes, intercontinental traveling and world-wide trade, a careless individual represents a threat to the entire world.

Do avoid public places. Do wash your hands and cover your mouth when sneezing. Do stay at home if you have flu symptoms. Do make sure your children follow these recommendations as well. Are these measures really that much of a trouble when compared with the risks of the disease?

Who knows, maybe you will be a part of the first ever successful containment of a flu pandemic.

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