May 19, 2024

Hip Arthritis Exercises are a very important part of pain management for anybody with arthritis in the hips. It is also probably the best way to limit the development or worsening of arthritis in all joints.

Many hip arthritis exercises will also strengthen the knees which is important because arthritis in these joints is often linked.

A person with stiff and painful hips will tend to put stress on the knees when walking to reduce their pain, and this stress can often produce problems of its own including causing arthritis to develop in the knees too.

The same is true in reverse, when someone causes problems in their hips because they were trying to ‘save’ their arthritic knee joints.

There are three types hip arthritis exercises: stretching, strengthening and reduced-impact aerobic exercise. Try to do a variety including all three types, spread over several days. It is fine to do a longer exercise period some days and a shorter one other days, but it is best to take some form of hip arthritis exercises every day.

Stretching Hip Exercises

Try to do some stretching every day, because these hip arthritis exercises should help you with important daily activities such as sitting, getting in and out of a car and putting on shoes. Never force a stretch further than is comfortable. Keep in mind too that you may need help getting up off the floor.Hip arthritis exercises strengthen the knees check this exercises recommended by best physiotherapist.

1. Bent Leg Raise

Lying on your back, slowly raise one knee, sliding your foot along the floor. Bring your foot as close to your buttocks as you comfortably can. Then lift your foot and bring your knee up towards your chest. If this is difficult you can pull with either your hands around your thigh (not around the knee) or a belt.

Hold for a count of 5 then return the foot to the floor and slide it back until it is stretched out again and relaxed. Repeat with the other leg. (5 times)

2. Bent Leg Raise With Rotation

hip arthritis exercises
Hip Arthritis Exercises

Repeat the leg raise but while the knee is in the air, rotate it inward (toward the other hip) and back to an upright position. Again you can support the thigh if that helps. Rotate the knee slowly 5 times, then do the other leg.

Strengthening Hip Exercises

Strengthening using hip arthritis exercises will do a lot to build the stability of your hips and all of the muscles that are supporting your body. Do these hip arthritis exercises as often as possible (every 2 days)

1. Straight Leg Raise

Lie on your back with knees up and feet flat on the floor. Tighten muscles in your right thigh and raise the right foot, straightening the right knee as far as you comfortably can. Keep the foot 1-2 feet off the ground, not more, and do not arch the back. Hold for a count of 10, relax and repeat with the other leg. (2-5 times)

2. Foot Roll

Stand 1-2 feet from a counter with legs apart and hands leaning on the counter. Standing on your heels, lift the toes and slowly turn them so they point first inward, then outward. This should cause the whole leg to rotate inside the hip joint. (5-10 times)

3. Backward Leg Raise

Still supported by the counter, raise one leg up and back. Keep the knee straight. Hold for a count of 5. Repeat with the other leg. (5 times)

Reduced Impact Aerobic Hip Arthritis Exercises

Avoid high impact aerobic exercises like running, skipping etc if you have even mild arthritis. The impact of the body hitting the ground can be very stressful for the joints. If you like walking, walk on a softer surface such as grass rather than on the street wherever possible. Better still, go for low impact aerobic exercise such as swimming or stationary cycling.

Do not stress your hips. Stop if you feel any sharp pain or if your hips or other joints begin to ache differently than your normal resting pain. Do not expect to see improvement in a very short time but begin gently and increase gradually.

What can you expect from your Hip Arthritis Exercises

Many people will have a reduction in their pain within a week or two. If you do not feel any better, you may need to see a physiotherapist who has access to your radiography results so that they can pinpoint where your problems lie. In some cases where the arthritis is worsening, exercise may not relieve pain but it will prevent it getting worse.

Do not neglect to consult with your doctor before starting any hip arthritis exercises program if you suffer from arthritis or other medical conditions.

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  1. thanks for spreading valuable information…It is important to be aware of your grade of arthritis (mild to severe). The more severe your arthritis, the less force you put through the joint. Your daily exercise for these joint can be both planned and incidental. It is however, important to know your limits. Discomfort is to be expected with exercise (it means you’re doing it right), but severe pain in the focal point of the joint isn’t. see more at:

  2. Thankyou for your information, i am 52 years old and suffering from joints pain , hand numbness, difficult walk especially in the morning. I will try that

  3. I was diagnosed with advanced degerative osteoarthritis of the right hip and spine 6 months ago and told I would need a hip replacement. I really didn’t like the prognosis so I started searching for ways to help myself instead of taking handfuls of drugs every day and waiting in silence for the inevitable surgery. I was told by a naturopath that certain foods may cause inflammation so I eliminated tomatoes, potatoes, chillies, red and green peppers and any other of the nightshade family vegetables and my inflammation started to subside. I then took out any and all processed foods (all tinned and packaged food) and started making everything from scratch. Time consuming but well worth it. Within 3 months the debilitating inflammation and pain were all but gone. As walking was out of the question I also purchased a DVD of Ageless Yoga, sitting and standing routines. Most are very gentle stretches and strengthening exercises but great for osteoarthritis victims. Today I am bending, stretching and walking with some limitations but feeling absolutely great. Changing my eating and exercise habits has given me a new lease of life. I no longer take anti-inflammatory drugs or pain killers. This may not work for everyone but it would be worth a try as all you have to lose is the pain and suffering. As an added benifit I also lost 15 kilograms (33lbs) without even trying.

    1. you have made my day.

      thank you so much for what you have said

      I am only in my 20’s but have a painful hip

      I am going to try this.

      I will let you know how it went.

      kindest regards


  4. I am newly diagnosed, but wonder if walking a lot will help the arthritic hips to get worse faster? I’m not sure anyone knows. I’m not athletic and into cycling or swimming. It was the only exercise I liked to do. Probably there looms some changes on the horizon.

  5. Just been advised of major arthritis in my hips. Recently I have gotten into spinning. Is this an activity I should remove from my gym routine?

    1. Denise – I suffered arthiritis in both hips for several years and had a hip resurfacing 3 years ago in my right hip. I have long since stopped running but used spinning pre and post op as part of my fitness training and recuperation. It’s excellent exercise and is low impact. I now cycle (outdoors) and swim regularly and have competed in numerous long distance cycle and swimming events (and occasional triathlon) since my op with no ill effects. I also practice indoor spinning off season and yoga once or twice a week for strength and flexibility. I recommend spinning as an excellent exercise that will strengthen your muscles and give you aerobic benefits without putting undue pressure on your hips. You will also find regular stretching exercises beneficial as long as you don’t overdo the hip openers. Good luck!

      1. Hiya-found your article interesting,i have hip arthritis tho very active with now low impact running on grass,swimming, and exercise- was wondering what exercise you mean by spinning-Jim- Dundee

  6. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis only a couple of weeks ago altho I’ve experienced pain in my right hip for the past 5 months. Is it all right to continue using my elliptical–especially if the level of resistance is at “0”?

  7. Hi Sally, i have been advised by my physiotherapist to do my exercises on the bed. I have arthritis in both hips, and in the last 2 months have started using a stick, some days are okay, the pain is less severe.
    i just keep up with the exercises

  8. Hi
    Is it alright to do exercise on the bed rather than the floor. Ihave been having phisio they say I have arthritis in both hips and have given me mucle strengting exercise which have not done much good I have a catching place in my right buttock which makes me walk incorectally is it a good idea to use a stickk i do it seems to have become worse since I have used a stick. Would the Alexander exercise help with walking.

  9. hi,
    thanks for the information on the exercising arthritic hip joints.but then,i really want to be sure on the implications of assisted active exercises eg supine lying then the therapist help the patient to abduct the hips as much as they can get and hold for a count of 10.

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