April 23, 2024

How many times have you asked How can you stop smoking and yet here you are still smoking and still trying to quit!  Quitting smoking isn’t easy and most of us who have smoked found it difficult giving up.  Some of us try over and over again and we might stay off the smokes for a few weeks but before we know it we are back smoking a pack a day again.

How Can You Stop Smoking
How Can You Stop Smoking

There are so many health risks from smoking and yet that doesn’t seem to deter many people from starting the habit and often the cravings when you try and quit are just too strong that it is easier to give in to them than to think about the health problems it could bring.


If you successfully answer “How can you stop smoking now” then by quitting smoking your body will have a chance to regenerate and heal from the damage caused by smoking.  If you have a family then your health doesn’t only affect you but it affects all of your family members also.  Not to mention the cost of cigarettes these days is incredibly high!

So if you’ve thought about quitting then there really is no better time than now.  Let’s take a look at our top ten tips that might help you to quit successfully.

10 Tips – How Can You Stop Smoking

How can you stop smoking now Tip 1 – You really need to WANT to quit.  I know you want to quit but do you REALLY WANT to quit.  There is a difference you know!  If you want to quit just because your wife is nagging you or because you can’t afford it, then these reasons often just aren’t enough, you really need to want to do it, deep down inside you need to want it.

How can you stop smoking now Tip 2 – When you know that you really want to quit then you need to believe in yourself and have a positive mindset.  Although you will be fighting cravings when you quit a lot of the issue is mind over matter.  You need the right mindset to be able to fight through those cravings and win the battle.

How can you stop smoking now Tip 3 – Get yourself a small whiteboard or blackboard and write on there the reasons that you want to quit.  Whether you want to quit for health reasons, financial reasons or any other reason, write them down and hang it somewhere that you are going to see it every day.

How can you stop smoking now Tip 4 – Ask your friends and family to support you in your quit smoking journey.  It can be difficult to do it on your own and having someone to support you and encourage you can help you out quite a bit.

How can you stop smoking now Tip 5 – Set a date that you will give up smoking for good.  It could be a month away or three months away, decide on a date and write it in your diary or on your calendar that this is the day you WILL quit.

How can you stop smoking now Tip 6 – Between now and your ‘quit date’ start cutting back on how many cigarettes you smoke.  Cut back in strength as well as the number of cigarettes you smoke each day.  Whenever you feel like a cigarette just tell yourself that you are going to see how long you can go without one and just try to go that little bit longer each time.  Gradually cut back more and more as you get closer to your quitting day.

How can you stop smoking now Tip 7 – Start doing some exercise each day.  Introducing exercise into your routine will give you something else to look forward to and it will also help you to feel healthier which will encourage those positive thoughts that you need for giving up.  Exercise is also a stress relief and your body will be under some stress with the nicotine withdrawals.

How can you stop smoking now Tip 8 – Avoid certain situations where you might have smoked a lot.  For example, if you always have a smoke with a coffee then you might want to either give up coffee too or change your coffee routine.  Perhaps you can try a different brand of coffee, drink your coffee in a different room or something to change the routine so you can drop the old routines in which you would smoke.

How can you stop smoking now Tip 9 – Try to avoid alcohol while quitting as it can be difficult to drink without smoking if you have always been a smoker while drinking.  You might want to avoid pubs and nightclubs for a while until you are confident you can be in those places without smoking.

How can you stop smoking now Tip 10 – Give yourself a reward every now and again.  It is hard work giving up smoking but you can do it and when you do you deserve a reward.  With the money that you are saving on cigarettes, go out and buy yourself something nice.  You have worked hard and deserve a reward for that hard work!

quit smoking todaySo what if it is really that easy? What if all your beliefs about how hard it is going to be to quit are completely false? What if, after just one session of hypnotherapy or NLP you find it incredibly easy to become and remain a happy, confident non-smoker for life? The reason why hypnotherapy & NLP are so successful is because both our beliefs about smoking and our habitual smoking behaviours reside within your unconscious mind. So whilst consciously we may wish to quit, all too often our all powerful unconscious mind simply would not let us.

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Start enjoying the many health benefits from quitting smoking.  Although it is difficult it is possible if you are determined enough to do it.  Smoking kills – there is no doubt about that – don’t let it kill you, take action now that you know How can you stop smoking.

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