October 3, 2023

How many crunches to get 6 pack abs? I have often wondered exactly this and decided to look around for a good answer.

It seems that crunches are not enough as they hit only a part of the abs. Of course diet is one of the big parts of getting six pack abs, if you have fat on your stomach then you can’t very well see your six pack right?

Crunches that give you 6 pack abs?

So as far as exercises go, I found a bit of a great resource. The guy that created Burn the fat feed the muscle, Tom Venuto has a few ab exercises, that when done together, will give you a much better set of abs.

I know that you may be wondering why you would care in the beginning of fall about getting 6 pack abs? Of course it is never too early to get ready for next summer but more importantly it is critical always to have a strong core, I know here in calgary more people hurt themselves because of a weak core and losing balance walking on the ice, but more importantly anytime you reach over, or pick something up you are using those core muscles, heck even walking requires your core muscles when you are just keeping your body upright.

Check out Tom’s exercises and get started. Now you will know just how many crunches to get 6 pack abs.

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