February 28, 2024

Bruises, or in another bruising, in most cases we find striking about anything. When you hit a burst blood vessels and blood of them spreads under the skin, causing swelling, discoloration and tenderness.

Bruising in the elderly, whose skin is thinned with age, due to the destruction of connective tissue, and fragile blood vessels. Although this is not to say, but young women on their shoulders, wrists and hips are quite common in the form of bruises, “fingerprints” – the result of maltreatment friend or husband during sex are too rough.

Prolonged exposure to the sun also makes the skin more susceptible to bruising. The same result is obtained by taking numerous medications, including drugs such as aspirin, blood thinning.

How to get rid of bruises
Doctors say that the usual bruising should disappear by itself within a few weeks. As it heals, he consistently changes color from reddish-blue to purple-black, then yellowish-green.
The lower on the body are bruised, the slower they heal. On the face of a bruise is a week later, on the trunk – in two weeks, and the leg may remain for months. The fact that in the vessels of the legs greater blood pressure, so there they bleed more than, say, in her arms.
The next time you get a bruise, think good advice from us.

Put ice, the ice was removed
If you apply ice immediately after impact, reduce the size and intensity of a bruise and relieve pain, we recommend using the High quality Ice Packs from Lydia Lassila. Cold causes vessels to contract, so less blood gets into the surrounding tissue.
Use ice wrapped in cloth and cool bruise 10-20 minutes, then take a break. Repeat every two hours.
Try to keep the ice in the fridge and not in the freezer. It will be quite cold, but will not freeze and become hard, so it will be convenient to attach to the body.

Zabintuyte it
Immediately tighten the bruised area with an elastic bandage (especially if the bruise on his leg), to exert pressure on the torn cartilage. This will prevent the leakage of large amounts of blood and a bruise is not as great.

After 24 hours, when the bruise has formed, you can apply heat. At this stage, the heat helps to expand the surrounding blood vessels, so they can quickly carry away the accumulated fluid and blood cells. Have a hot bath or apply a heating pad to the bruise for 20 minutes. Do this three times a day – until then, is not completely get rid of a bruise. But we do not recommend applying heat immediately after the impact – it does not help, and even vice versa. The heat causes tissue edema, and early on it will only increase the bleeding, and bruising will be visible.

Vitamin K on bruising
Look at pharmacies special creams from bruises with vitamin C. The cream penetrates the skin and provides the injured spot with vitamin K, which is necessary for your body to break down and dispose of leaked blood. Rub the cream with vitamin K in a bruise right after the injury and then twice a day until the bruise will not disappear.

But do not think that the same good result will the use of foods rich in this vitamin. Studies have shown that such food does not produce enough vitamin concentration to produce a noticeable effect.

Try arnica
Arnica – a homeopathic remedy for bruises, sold in most pharmacies, is very effective for bruises. It can be taken orally or applied directly to the bruise. But never mazhte skin if at this point there is a cut or abrasion.

Cosmetic concealers
Until you finally get rid of a bruise, will be able to disguise it with a special cosmetic yellowish. Because bruises – a mixture of blue and red, then, if you apply for a place of yellow, you will neutralize the bruise and make it invisible.

Such funds are sold in pharmacies. They released a set of firms. Look for a waterproof composition, so they do not ducked out and went down with sweat.

Immunity from bruises
Strengthen the immune system, including the appearance of bruises on the body can use vitamin C. It bruises popping it in people who do not receive enough vitamin C. If you have tortured bruises, then you need more to take this vitamin. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, but if this fails, try taking a multivitamin.

As a long-term prevention of bruises on a daily basis try to use creams and lotions with vitamin C, can be found in pharmacies. Vitamin C is absorbed into the skin and eventually contributes to the growth of collagen, which protects and supports the blood vessels, making it less likely bruising.
However, if you choose to take vitamins in the capsules, ask your doctor. Large doses of vitamin C increase the risk of kidney stone formation. To avoid this, be sure to drink plenty of water when taking vitamin C.

Aid the physician in bruises
We recommend that you consult your doctor for advice if:
you have a big bruise from a collision or injury (eg fall or car accident), especially if a painful bruise and limited joint mobility;
you often have bruising for no apparent reason;
you are bruising easily, and you take large doses of aspirin or some other pain reliever (such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen for arthritis); you after your surgery a large hematoma formed – like a bruise, a very painful swelling. In this case, we must turn to you surgeon operated on.

Regardless of where you have a bruise, you just do not decorate. Bruising is not a custom to show others, so you constantly have to hide them from prying eyes. With our tips you can easily disguise them and accelerate the healing time of injured tissue.

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