April 25, 2024

We hear a lot about the effectiveness of weight loss hypnosis.

There are claims made that hypnosis instantly changes the way you think about food and exercise, so you automatically begin to make changes in the way you live that lead to taking off the unwanted pounds. But is there anything to those claims?

Here are some scenarios in which you may find this type of treatment to be helpful in your quest for a smaller waistline and a healthier lifestyle.

What is Hypnosis Used For?

Hypnosis has been used to help quite a number of people with a wide range of habits.

No doubt you have heard of hypnotic trances and suggestions being used to help people get away from nervous habits like chewing their fingernails.

Persons who deal with social anxiety disorder are reputed to be helped by the planting of a hypnotic suggestion that there is nothing to fear by being in a group of people.

Smokers have also found some help in kicking their nicotine habits with the aid of a hypnotist.

There are even people who have lost weight after seeing a hypnotist. Finding cases where people were helped with each of these situations is easy to find. So, the short answer is yes, people who undergo weight loss hypnosis can and do experience successful weight loss.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – How Does It Work?

There is one common thread that runs through all cases of help through hypnosis, regardless of what type of habit the individual was trying to break.

All the patients had a strong motivation to make a change in their lives.

The act of hypnosis served as one more tool to help them make that change by using hypnotic suggestions that would prompt the person away from the habit.

It is important to note that hypnosis itself will not bring about some magic cure. We have seen hypnosis portrayed in movies and other types of media as being some sort of force that will easily over-ride the strongest will. That is simply not the case.

Hypnosis has the ability to help strengthen a resolve that is already present in the psyche, but it cannot create a situation where you automatically turn away from your habit.

As an example, hypnosis will not cause you to become physically ill when confronted with a food that you are not supposed to eat. Rather, when tempted by such food, the hypnotic suggestion will give you an extra push to not go after the food.

The temptation is still there, but you will find the desire for the wrong foods is considerably lessened. A similar suggestion might also be implanted to prompt you toward foods you do need to include in your diet.

In the end, you are still in control of your destiny. Will power, common sense, and a sound diet plan will work hand in hand with weight loss hypnosis, but it will never replace all of the tools you need to be successful in your desire to lose weight.

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