May 25, 2024

One of the things that will drive you crazy on a diet is the opportunities to binge on sweets. I know because I am very bad with binging myself and have to build some really good coping mechanisms when I find myself gaining a bit of . Here is the way that I deal with sweets, something that I always like.

1. When you start the day, start with a good solid meal. A solid meal will consist of lots of protein and carbohydrates. By starting up your metabolism this way you will not have as much trouble with your energy and should have a better bet against urges for sugar.

2. Eat meals often
. To avoid those drops in blood sugar and the idea of an interesting treat it is important to eat every couple or three hours. There is a lot of science behind eating often but there are a few important things about eating often and one that is critical is that when you eat often your blood sugar is consistent and you will not have that urge to eat, and hopefully avoid those sugars…

3. Avoid sugar, especially early in the day. after you eat sugar your blood sugar spikes up and then drops within an hour and that drop in blood sugar will make you want to snack. There is a sugar roller coaster that will go on in your body and once you recognize this you will notice your feelings and emotions are being triggered by the hype and comfort of high blood sugar and the depression and cravings that go on from low blood sugar.

4. Sleep enough to avoid making bad decisions. I find that it is easy to decide to eat something bad when you are tired. You are very pliable when someone offers you candy or donuts or to go for a buffet lunch. Sleep will help in a large way as well to help regulate your metabolism as you go a longer time without food.

5. When the urge to eat something bad strikes grab something else. I always bring lots of fruit to work and have a glass of water at my desk that I chug often during the day.

6. Keep a strong good attitude about your eating decisions
. This kind of goes with a couple of the ones above but when you know that there are good reasons to be eating good food and avoiding bad stuff you will find that you are more inclined to make better decisions.

Sometimes we make mistakes, that is normal, human, and fine. Although your goal is to only eat food that is good and nourishing for you until you have complete control over your emotions with eating. By following the few tips above you should have a lot better chance against the binging issues that plague you.

4 thoughts on “How to stop binge eating

  1. Hey Bill

    Your right on! Great tips, I had a solid breakfast this morning, and I like to stick with smaller meals throughout the day. If you fail to eat meals often, allowing your body to almost strive, not good because when it’s time to eat or whenever you get around to eating, you’re likely to over eat. Thanks for sharing!

  2. this is hopefully going to work and i hopethat this really does help me and who ever else needs the halp to also get it

  3. I think the first tip is the biggest impact for me. When I start the day without eating anything for a few hours, when I do finally have a meal I am so famished that my food selection will be such less strict than if my blood sugar levels were better had I eaten the morning meal.

    Also the sleep one is important too. The more tired I am, the less I care about the food I eat and thus it typically tends to be more unhealthy.

  4. When you are on diet you should not skip meals as this will only make you eat more the next meal. Small, regular multiple meals are advisable. You eat but in moderation. This also helps regular supply of nutrients to the body.

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