May 24, 2024

Rapid loss is a goal of many people these days. Are you one of them?

Losing in the best of times is not easy. But aiming for rapid loss adds the extra burden of doing it with a deadline. Asking for more means you have to put more into it. On the mental side, you’ll need determination, specific targets, a detailed plan, and extra discipline to stick to the plan. On the physical side, you’ll have to do even more exercise than you would if there was no hurry. You’ll also need to make changes in what you eat. (Note: Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any loss program.)

Rapid Weight Loss – Planning is Critical

First the mental items. Determination and discipline. If you want to achieve your loss goal in a limited time, you have to make up your mind that there will be no backsliding. Either you consistently do what it takes to get the off, or the stays on. You won’t have time to catch up if you let yourself slip. Success will be your only reward.

Rapid Weight Loss
Rapid Weight Loss

You need to set targets or goals that you can measure so there’s no guessing involved. Your target is not ‘lose quick’ but more like ‘lose 50 pounds in 4 weeks by doing X and Y exercises and eating A, B, C foods consistently, no breaks allowed’ (adjust for your needs). Lay out a daily plan with short-term targets that you can keep aiming for. If you start with 50 pounds in 4 weeks, you can spread it out over the 4 weeks so that you aim for 12½  pounds each week, or just under 2 pounds a day. Do the same for the food and exercise changes you will need.

What to East for Rapid Weight Loss

In your plan, you don’t have to list out your menus for each meal every day, but you do have to make shopping lists with fruits and vegetables, high-fiber foods, and lean meat or fish, and only bring home those items, no exceptions. You need to plan on breakfast every day, since that speeds up your metabolism for the whole day. You’ll also have to arrange for many small meals instead of a few big ones, to keep your blood sugar from spiking. And don’t forget to drink a lot of water to fill up your stomach before meals and suppress your appetite.

Exercise for Rapid Weight Loss

Plan also to take a long walk every day. Add in things like trampoline jumping, aerobics of any kind skipping rope, rowing, intense dancing, or any sport that makes you breathe faster. Walking uphill for extended periods is excellent. If you need to ease into the more intense activities, build that into your plan, raising the bar little by little. It’s okay if you have to slow down the build-up. It doesn’t matter, as long as you end up losing significant on time.

In fact, that is all that you are aiming for here the target and the plan are just ways to get you to keep doing what you need to do to lose a lot of in a short time. You need the targets so you can tell if you’re close to being on track, so you can get back on track. It’s all for yourself, your own desire to look better or be healthier or impress your date. It’s all for you, so it’s time to get started with your plan for rapidweight loss.

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  1. This is exactly what i have been doing but still no joy, i feel firmer in places but still have not slimmed down. i suffer from polycystic overies, i no this effect how i lose and how easily it is to put on but its depressing, i have always been a size 10, now im a size 12. i drink lots of water, i eat breakfast, a healthy lunch and dinner and snack on fruit or cereal bars, wot else can i do? i go to the gym 3 times a wk plus i have a job which involves walking, gardening, painting. im finding it really hard to keep up the dedication to it, especially wen i see friends eating yummy food but i no il be gutted if my holiday comes round and im still not in the shape i want to be. HELP!

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