April 23, 2024

I felt is was important to write a quick post about buying Hoodia because people often email me asking how they can trust online retailers and also are interested in the appetite suppression that Hoodia offers. Also if you are like me you probably get a couple of emails a day at least telling you how to buy Hoodia – I hate those spammers!

Hoodia Gordonii is one of the best tools for quick loss because of it’s ability to stop you from feeling hungry. However, the unfortunate thing is that most, if not all of the Hoodia products available in the market are fakes. It is very difficult to tell whether a particular product is fake or genuine, especially if you are new to Hoodia Gordonii.

There are some important as well as some obvious pointers that you can look for to make sure that you are buying genuine Hoodia.

The Problem in Finding Hoodia

With the arrival of internet, the cases of fraud have increased manifold. Nowadays, users simply need to type the words “Hoodia Gordonii” into their favorite search engines and they will get millions of results for that phrase. Now, most of us don’t buy from the top few websites; we like to dig deeper, read product reviews and try to find a better and cheaper deal, which is when it becomes an ordeal. Soon we become frustrated with our search and it becomes very difficult to distinguish between fake and genuine products, because all of them look identical!

However, here are some ways you can make sure you are not throwing your money down the drain:

Does the website list the company’s contact details: The very first thing you need to see, esp. when you are buying Hoodia Gordonii from an online store, is whether the company has listed their name, company address, email, telephone no., details about its board of directors, general manager, etc. If these things are not listed properly then something is surely amiss! Most of the companies which sell fake products will never even list their email address, or put up a free, generic one, if at all! Some would use a post box number instead of a real address, while others would typically use a Skype number instead of a real telephone number.

It is very easy for website owners to scam people by buying a cheap Hoodia product from auction sites such as ebay.com and other similar stores, and selling it to you at a very exorbitant price!

Is the telephone number valid: It is not enough that you see a telephone number listed on a website; there is no telling as to whether the number is genuine or fake. The only way to know it is by calling the company. If no one picks up the phone, or if you always receive an automatic voicemail message, then that is an obvious negative pointer. If someone picks up the phone, ask whether their product comes with the mandatory CITES certificate; if not then it is fake Hoodia!

Try emailing them: If you don’t want to call them, try emailing them. If all you get is an autoresponse or canned message, then that is not a very good sign as it throws some doubts on the company’s credibility and professionalism!

So those are some of the obvious pointers you can use to make sure you are buying Hoodia from a genuine company. Remember that original Hoodia is a very valuable product and would help you lose quickly, while with the fake one you will only lose your moony and nothing else!

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