May 24, 2024

All of us that are parents of children, whether our children are newborns or 18 years old we worry about them.

Child obesity is a very bad problem in the US and because of lack of exercise and a terrible diet by many this problem is only getting worse.

Really one of the things that we can always give our kids is a love for exercise and I for one am always promoting it in my house and community as well.

I have found an infographic that speaks to childhood exercisebut also wanted to break it up so that I can talk about the parts of this

Getting enough Exercise

OK, first thing, is your child getting enough exercise? The schools have their part to do and here where I live they do well but in other areas not so much. I know that an hour a day may seem like a lot but I seem to remember when I was a kid we were outdoors a lot and got a lot of exercise.

My son now maybe is not so good and my daughter does her best. We really have to push those kids

getting enough exercise


Rising Obesity Rates

Over the years obesity rates have kept going up and the reason in a large part is because of a double shot of kids not exercising enough and the terrible eating patterns as well as far too many refined foods.

Add in a dose of empty calories and you have tired kids gaining while actually being malnourished.

childhood obesity rates

Change the Way Kids See Exercise

So this leaves us to make sure that we are doing our part and keeping our kids healthy. We are in this together. Not only can exercise be fun, my son loves getting out once I pull him away from his computer, but also there are lots of things they can do.

Not only riding a bike, scootering, and playing games. But also going out to the local pool and even maybe some kind of a sport or class like skateboarding at Whatis180. This year we have been on a bunch of walks in the evening, not just to get out of the house to exercise but also to make sure that we are lowering our stress level by just moving outside.

what can we do about childhood obesity

What does you family do to get in better shape? Do your kids get an hour of exercise a day? I am always looking for more ideas and anything we can do to help each other helps all of us and our kids.

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