May 24, 2024

This is a weblog about feeling better, not just in the summer but all year round. I have been exercising and interested in diet and fitness for 20 years and have read far to much for myself not to be vane.

I will go through 30 days of trying to have you improve your fitness by concentrating on improving your diet, your exercise and your attitude so that after 30 hopefully mostly pain free days you will have a much better and helthy body and mind.

I will be trying to follow myself and be better than I am now. I am in decent fitness and my diet as I joke with my wife is really goo but I add a bunch of unhealthy food as well.

I am married to Michelle, with a two year old boy Jaiden and a five year old daughter Taylor so there are many reasons for me to improve my fitness and improve my diet as well as exercise more. Lets do this together and if you are joining this weblog late please try to do it over 30 days.

Good luck


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