May 19, 2024

Before Zyban people would say “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a pill to help you kick the cigarette habit?”. Well, here’s some good news now. If you are mentally ready to stop, the Zyban quit smoking aid can be an enormous help to you. Let’s take a quick look at this useful medication.

What is Zyban?

The smoking cessation drug Zyban was originally developed to treat depression, and it is still used for this purpose. However, doctors soon realized that it was also a good treatment for smokers who wanted to quit. This discovery had important implications for those battling to stop their smoking habit once and for all.

How does the Zyban quit smoking aid work?


The Zyban quit smoking aid activates certain hormones in the brain, essentially affecting the brain’s chemistry. When this happens, the cravings that plague smokers are reduced or eliminated. Zyban helps put an end to withdrawal symptoms, making it much easier for smokers to give up cigarettes without feeling deprived.

Zyban is a powerful drug that is not available over the counter. If you are interested in trying the Zyban quit smoking aid, you will need to visit your doctor and get a prescription. Don’t try to borrow this medication or take drugs that were prescribed for another person.

Zyban has a few side effects that can be quite serious. Some people react badly to the drug, and the drug should not be taken with certain other medications. In other words, it is not a safe treatment for every smoker. That’s why it is important to consult your doctor and find out whether you are a suitable candidate for this drug. The Zyban quit smoking aid should only be taken under a doctor’s supervision.

What should you expect from Zyban?

You will need to have realistic expectations about what the Zyban quit smoking aid can do for you. This medication is intended to treat the physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings that you normally experience when you stop smoking. However, it will not really affect your psychological urge to smoke at certain times of the day or after certain activities. You will still need to rearrange your lifestyle and find new activities to replace the behavior of smoking.

quit smoking todaySo what if it is really that easy? What if all your beliefs about how hard it is going to be to quit are completely false? What if, after just one session of hypnotherapy or NLP you find it incredibly easy to become and remain a happy, confident non-smoker for life? The reason why hypnotherapy & NLP are so successful is because both our beliefs about smoking and our habitual smoking behaviours reside within your unconscious mind. So whilst consciously we may wish to quit, all too often our all powerful unconscious mind simply would not let us.

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Zyban is not appropriate for everyone, and it is not effective for everyone who uses it. However, if you are mentally ready to stop smoking and you are willing to go to your doctor for help, Zyban  can be of great benefit.

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