February 28, 2024

Introduction to Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig, is it good for you or bad for you? My wife has recently restarted going to Jenny Craig and because of the popularity of Jenny Craig I thought I would write a bit of an article about Jenny Craig.

Jenny Craig is a diet that you do by going into an office and getting the full meal deal, and you pay for that. The program that Jenny Craig offers for loss is to have your consultant ask some questions and then put you on a specific calorie plan. In my wife’s case she started with 1500 calories a day as a food intake. The next step after the food amount is chosen is to have a weekly menu that you can take home and put on your fridge. The food on the menu is mostly taken from food that you but at Jenny Craig. Ah, you say now I get it there must be a cost to this. The big key for most people is the fact that there is one on one consulting once a week when you weigh in and buy your food.

Jenny Craig Food

This is the part of the Jenny Craig diet that I was most interested in. After looking at the diet I think that I have a good feel for what the diet stresses. First Protein, carbohydrate, fats. In looking at the food over the week I am pretty happy with the food combination, Jenny Craig diet is higher in protein and lower in fats and carbohydrates and low in fat as is very popular these days. I am guessing that the protein, carbohydrate, fat percentages are around 30-60-10 which is nice but a little bit of a shock for most people. The food is pretty good for vegetables which of course are low in calories but high in water and nutrients. The meal plan with Jenny Craig calls for eating five or six times a day which is great but the numerous small meals are a very hard adjustment for my wife, she is OK now though. The food itself look delicious and apparently tastes quite good although there are a few food that my wife is not a big fan of at all, I can tell this by the stars beside some foods and then a big YUCK beside a star on the bottom of the menu.

Jenny Craig Costs

There is definitely a cost to Jenny Craig and this is definitely a drawback to the program. There are various plans you can be setup with including an initial $36 for six weeks but this is not the biggest cost for the diet. Jenny Craig is one of the few diets that offer its own complete menu and you are expected to get you whole week food there all at one time. I know the argument to this is that you have to buy food anyways but at least you are not buying something that you do not need but the food is a little pricey. My wife says that the food cost is around 125 dollars a week.

Jenny Craig Support

There is a lot of support with Jenny Craig which is great for most people that are trying to lose weight. There is the one on one consultation every week but there is also a very lively private discussion board that is hosted by Jenny Craig and I believe that this is a very good advantage to anyone with an internet connection and a bit of weakness occasionally.

Recommend Jenny Craig?

When my wife decided that she was going to go back to Jenny Craig I was a little apprehensive, she has done this before and it did not meet her expectations five years ago. I have a much better level of knowledge now than I had five years ago and I needed to know what is good or bad about the Jenny Craig Diet. In looking over the diet this week I am actually a much bigger fan of the Jenny Craig diet than I ever was before. The only thing that really holds me back about any organized diet company is the fact that they are making money off the backs of fat people. There is a lot of money sloshing around the diet industry and when you are looking to lose every one of these companies is going to part you from a significant amount of your hard earned money.

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