September 22, 2023

You must have heard about the term ‘low-calorie’ diet. Truth to be told, the term ‘low-calorie’ is sort of a misnomer.

It is true that the diet indeed aims to reduce your calorie intake, but it does so by reducing the amount of your carbohydrate consumption. As such, you may also call it ‘low-carbohydrate’ diet.

Different low-calorie diets restrict your carbohydrate intake in different ways. Some do it by reducing your overall carbohydrate intake.

Others bar you from eating only specific foods such as white bread, white sugar, potatoes, white flour, white pasta, white rice, etc., because they are high on simple carbohydrates, the carbohydrates that trigger gain.

As a matter of fact, any “white” food (unless naturally made), is rich in simple carbohydrates.

Usually, a low-calorie’ or ‘low-carb’ diet recommends increasing the consumption of organic fruits and vegetables because they are generally low on calorie content yet highly nutritious, and forbids you from artificial and processed foods because they are usually high on empty calories and contain little or no nutrition.

In this article I will tell you about two healthy low-calorie diet plans.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Most low-calorie diet plans would either force you to go hungry for days or eat like a mouse in the name of ‘dieting’. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is an exception in this regard.

It actually keeps you satiated from all corners, while helping you lose at the same time. The makers of Fat Loss 4 Idiots claim that it is based on a certain ‘calorie shifting’ method of dieting, but when you join and look closely at their meal plans, you would notice that it is just a ‘low-calorie’ diet plan with a few exceptions such as:

You are allowed to eat both healthy and unhealthy foods, subject to a certain daily calorie limit.

While planning your daily meals, you would need to make sure that the sizes, calorie contents, and time of your meals differ from that of the previous day. In other words, you would be eating meals of different types and sizes at different times on different days.

Following such a diet has two advantages. First, it keeps you from getting bored of your diet. Second, when your calorie consumption level differs widely on a daily basis, your body would be unable to determine the level to keep your metabolic rate at and as such, it would always keep your metabolic rate at a high level.

As you might know already, the higher your metabolic rate is, the faster you are able to burn fat and lose weight.

The disadvantage of following such a diet is that it requires careful and extensive meal planning on your part.

Thankfully, Fat Loss 4 Idiots offers a free diet generator tool to its members that would generate customized meal plans for you on auto pilot. When I say “customized meal plans”, I actually mean that the generated meal plans would be based on your food choices.

This way, you are able to lose while eating your favorite foods.

Exercise and Fat Loss

fat loss for idiotsAlthough Fat Loss 4 Idiots doesn’t ask you to exercise, I highly recommend it. According to Fat Loss 4 Idiots, working out is not necessary since one can lose with the help of their diet program alone.

While such a claim might be true, working out obviously comes with its own advantages.

The main advantage of workout is that you are able to build strong lean muscles that not only make you physically strong but also helps you with maintenance long after you quit dieting, since muscles burn fat.

Having said that, there are a couple of similarities between both diet plans.

Both allow you to eat your favorite foods, and the recipes you get are usually very delicious and yummy.

One of the major complaints about fad diets is that they make one eat boring foods; that is where these two diet plans score a high point. On another note, Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet program offer you “cheat days” when you would be free to eat whatever you like.

2 thoughts on “Low Calorie Diet Plans that May Work For You

  1. I’ve tried lots of low-fat diets for a couple of years but none of them made me feel satisfied. Although, there are lots of diets,like Atkins diet but it’s making me feel weak and unhealthy. But when I tried Medifast Diet,i feel like I’m on the right kind of diet plan. It doesn’t make me feel weak.

    The caloric intake is around 800-1000 calories.It’s a bit pricey, but there are lots of coupons available on the internet

    Even if you don’t pay full price.You just have to choose a diet plan which your body reacts positively.No one knows your body better than you do…

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