May 19, 2024

There is not much more humbling experience for you physically than moving.

When you exercise whether it is running or weights or going for a bike ride or swimming you always usually know how tired you will be after an hour or two or exercise. Moving is a bit different and the guys that are movers are different still.

Today we had movers in that helped us to move our dining room furniture mcminnville or a move that seems to have been taking far too long already. Two skinny guys show up in a big truck and after a bit of conversation they tell me that I can help them move. I haul furniture with one guy while the other guys packs everything up correctly in the truck.

This is when I broke my first sweat of the day.

After one hour of moving the things I got from dining tables in phoenix az into the truck I was questioning my level of fitness. After unloading the truck I definitely knew that I was not cut out to be a mover. But these two moving guys are built a bit different than me and they had no problem hiking furniture up and donw stairs and back.

When I say these movers were built differently it is really true. Movers are lean, long muscled and seem to be able to carry a lot of without fighting it or struggling at all. I am sure it is the years of exerience that these guys have but it is still interesting to see how the body will adapt to a workload.

In the end I am bushed now, I think that I broke a sweat six times today in the moving of all the furniture, wahser, dryer, boxes, and the rebuilding of our beds.

And tomorrow I will do it all over again.

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