April 24, 2024

My wife is an on again off again Weight Watchers addict. I say that in just a joking way because we both know that she loves Weight Watchers but if she sees some shiny new other idea or gets discouraged for a couple of weeks then she will drop Weight Watchers and move on, but only for a while.

I have written about Weight Watchers a lot of times before and even have a Weight Watchers blog that I do not pay as much attention to as much as I used to but the fact is that for many reasons Weight Watchers seems to work really well for lots of people. There are lots of reasons why Weight Watchers works for my wife and the same reasons pull her away from it.

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What Is Good About Diet Programs

Portion Control – Portion control is the most important thing with any diet. People generally eat too much and having a way to see how much you really should eat makes a big difference.

Food portioning – Weight Watchers has a point system that will say that a hamburger is 10 points and apple is 1 point. How are you going to portion out your 25-35 points a day? Probably by eating more of the right foods that are lower points.

Don’t miss the important thing – the food calendar thingy that every Weight Watchers person has on their kitchen counter makes you mark off your milk and fruits and water for the day. This leads to one of the most important reasons that organized diet centers work.

Accountability – You need to be accountable to yourself and if you are writing it down and having to answer to yourself every day and every week as to why you had something bad and congradulate yourself on all the things that you did right then you are going to be far more successful then beating yourself up for wanting to eat cake. With Weight Watchers there are also weekly meetings where you can talk about what works and what doesn’t and this seems to hel pa lot of people as well.

Do You Need Weight Watchers?

You do not need Weight Watchers to be successful. Knowing the above rules and having the right diet principles will give you everything that you need. Millions of people may be over but millions of people also lose and this in itself proves that it can be done by everyone.

What Weight Watchers and other diet programs are is a bit of a crutch. They help you to stay focussed and to do all of the above. This is a great thing as most people after a few days on a diet lack the consistency and after just a couple more weeks fall off of their diet entirely.

Whether you join Weght Watchers, or Jenny Craig, or LA Fitness or any others great. I believe though that if you come to this blog daily I can help you to stay on track by giving tips and motivation to keep your head in the right place to stay on your diet.

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